Nicolae Steinhardt – the Orthodox Christian that means the most to me

Find out in this blog post why the Orthodox writer Nicolae STEINHARDT means so much to me. Contents of this blog post: 1. History of events 2. Implications into my life 3. What to do next? Who was Nicolae STEINHARDT? See a page on Wikipedia for him, read some texts and see some photos on, if you speak Romanian there is also a blog on his texts. 1. History of events The spring of 1999: I am in the yard of a high-school in Constanta, waiting for a regional contest for a subject in the curricula (if you were good at a specific subject, you could compete with fellow pupils from the County – “Olympiad” it was called). This was a few years I discovered Gala GALACTION, an Orthodox Christian writer I mostly admired for what it seemed to me was the closest resemblance to the Christian values. This implied a lot of fanatical/bigot values. I won’t get into too much details, but to me, at that time, Orthodoxy was merely a set of rules – living by those rules would make things right for me. If those rules meant breaking conventional wisdom – well, this is fine also. Gala GALACTION was the ultimate model in Orthodox life for me, nothing else ever existed. So, I’m that yard, in a morning. I was talking with a girl I barely new, also from Navodari. She recommends me a Jew writer converted to Orthodoxy in the prison. He went through a lot of pain in the prison, the girl said, while he kept a …

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The two things I’ve learned today at a workshop on Public Speaking

I’ll keep this one simple: 1. Sell information, don’t boringly present it; Convince me! 2. When having a slide in PowerPoint with a few bullets, and you speak about each bullet one at a time, it might be a great idea to synchronize the appearance of bulleted text with your speak, rather than showing all the bulleted text at once.