Recomandare curs: Learning How to Learn (master tough subjects) – RO și EN

Learning How to Learn

Recomand un curs: Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects – Home | Coursera.

Am trecut prin majoritatea video-urilor din cursul de mai jos și îl recomand dacă vă interesează să învățați mai multe despre cum să învățați.

Are și subtitrări, în mai multe limbi, inclusiv română.

La finalul unui capitol se dau mai multe resurse, pe care le puteți căuta în online.

Dacă vă pasionează învățarea, e un curs care poate fi interesant.

Poate fi ascultat și în fundal, nu e atât de solicitant, dar pentru unele părți trebuie atenție.

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines.

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Changing values and having dilemmas

carnagenyc - Value

Andrei Pleșu has some articles (RO) about dilemmas: Cu sau fără dileme? – Dilema veche. Omul fără dileme – Dilema veche. What’s my view on the matter? I think there are some absolute values – not wanting to hurt anyone, trying to do good, fighting for a better world. On another hand, when you act, some values go in opposite directions. I tend not to work with companies in certain niches (gambling / casino / payday loans / smoking / erotic / unhealthy things, anything related to unhealthy food / drinks). But what would happen in this scenario: I would be offered a huge amount of money, with which I could help others? The impact of my action would be small. Luckily, this scenario rarely if ever happens, but it reminds me of some verses in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, in which Judas is persuaded by the following argument: “[CAIAPHAS] Think of the things you can do with that money Choose any charity – give to the poor” (via ») I truly believe that all men try to follow a set of values, whether I agree with them or not is another matter. Yet another matter is what happens when values conflict. Yet another matter is about a situation in which due to some circumstances (let’s say I drink too much), and I act against my common sense.

Clip-on magnetic glasses

Cat-Eye Magnetic Snap-On

Some years ago, I found a solution for wearing sun-protecting glasses and also glasses for better vision.

Both of two worlds: protection against Sun and good vision.

I bought two pairs of such glasses and I like them, both, a lot.

If you’re looking for a solution, now you know what to find.

You can see an example in the photo below (via »).

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A sort of racism

Orlando Imperatore - With Love

In a podcast/netcast I listened to recently (INDISCUTABIL #9 – Gelu Duminică | Rasism, mentori si empatie – YouTube), Gelu Duminică said something in the lines of:

“În teoria prejudecății există un moment care se numește ancorare (adică «Ce văd eu în tine?»). […] Fiecare dintre noi are foarte multe identități. (eu – n.O.) Nu am doar o identitate. […] Sunt etnic rom, sunt român, sunt sociolog, sunt gras, sunt chelios, sunt bucureștean, sunt copil, sunt … etc., etc. Deci – am foarte multe identități, da? Rasismul este în momentul în care îl ancorezi pe celălalt doar într-o identitate și, indiferent ce face el, se exprimă doar prin identitatea aia.”

Racism has a limited view of the world, focusing on the negative.

What happens if, like I tend to do, focus only on one quality?

What if I reduce one person not to a thing of qualities a person has, but to a single one?

Or, even worse, what if I, instead of valuing persons based on an intrinsic quality – “they exist” -, focus on actions and characteristics?

It’s now that I realize that a very limited view of a person, even if it’s meant to be a look on the positive side, can have negative aspects.

Because you can look at the situation like this – if I value a person on one quality only, I do two things at the same time:

  • I ignore all the other persons. It’s that person and no one else.
  • I ignore all the other qualities of other persons.

People tend to do so when falling in love. You love one person for some things and ignore all the other persons.

You love your family more than other persons in the world.

You have a circle of friends for which you care more.

This doesn’t make things right, even if it’s for positive reasons.

I don’t have a solution.

Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. (Matthew 10:37-39 niv – “Anyone who loves their father or – Bible Gateway)

As a possible solution:

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” ― Brad Meltzer

It’s hard loving your neighbor.

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Living life like a wonder

Don McCullough - Sea-stacks and Flowers

Each day seems like a wonder, to me – I’m amazed by what people create, say, do.

I’m grateful and amazed by healthy and tasty food, I’m surprised that people are so good (as humans, in day-to-day life, but also as professionals), I read amazing things, watch great movies, and listen to superb music.

Each day is a miracle, in its way.

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Stress and focus

JackAZ Photo - Focused

Once, I played a football game, and one player in the opposite team made a remark – “when trying to score a penalty kick, some players hit the ball hard and try very hard to score. A much better strategy is to be relaxed, to focus on aiming well, not hitting the ball hard, you have a better success rate”.

I think he was right.

Once, I was in a theater play. I had just 3 lines to remember. But prior to entering the stage, I focused on helping some colleagues do some things, and when I entered the stage I wasn’t prepared. While I knew the lines by heart, the sudden change in the scenery (focus on solving an issue vs. focus on the audience) scared me, and I didn’t say the 3 lines correctly.

Sure, you can even be too little stressed. There is a level of stress which is necessary. You can’t say silly things, do irrelevant things, and only focus on laughing and expect success.

Some people prepare a presentation, put a lot of effort into writing things down on the presentation, read it word by word, and although they spent a great amount of time in preparation, the audience isn’t focused.

Other people write just the main ideas on the slides, use huge photos and large photos, and speak most of the presentation about the title of the slides. Sure, some things are rehearsed, but it’s not like they remember the whole presentation by heart. And the audience pays more attention to the presentation, despite being less prepared.

Stress is a good thing. Don’t overdo it, though, and also don’t have too little of it. Find the sweet spot.

You need stress to keep things focused. But you need to find the right amount. Laugh a little, put some pressure. The middle path is the best.

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Praying and God

Tobias Mayr - Praying in Salta, Argentina

Bishop Robert Barron said in a video a thing similar to this (very approximate quotation):

People might fall in various things, but if they don’t fail in prayer (they don’t stop praying), hope is not lost.

I think that praying does one important thing – it makes you admit you have a lower position in the world.

When you pray, you admit that a superior entity can help with prayer, be it for praise, requests, thanks.

That’s the first step to take – you need to admit there’s something bigger than yourself.

Once you have this, you can focus on other things, but you need to start from here.

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Needing people

Alfred Grupstra - Mouth Wide Open

I think we do need people to succeed – Arnold Schwarzenegger is right (There’s no such thing: self-made man, motivational video).

On another hand, I don’t agree when people claim “Look, I made you do X, it’s due to me, you need to thank me for this”. I have some memories with people telling me: “Look, Olivian did this due to me”. I don’t think that’s fair.

So, it goes both ways:

  • You need people in order to succeed.
  • People, when they influence you, only do this to a degree: if you take an action, you do so only to a degree influenced by others, you have some influence yourself.

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