The lone ranger – the only solution in life

The Lone Ranger (2013) - IMDb

I think it’s worthwhile to be the only person doing a certain thing.

Why keep voting, even if your vote doesn’t seem to count?

Why keep an Eco-friendly life (as much as you possibly can), when the planet seems to go down?

Why keep insisting on doing what you perceive is good despite the seemingly low impact?

Read and see The Hummingbird Parable: What We Can Do For Earth.

Also read: The starfish story – The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center.

The answer is this – because it’s worthwhile. Because it’s the right thing to do. Because you can set an example even if no one follows it.

On a practical level, a new iPhone appeared recently. Do you think that people who weep at Avatar (franchise) would think twice about buying the most powerful and newest iPhone?

„Yes, the planet is doomed, but I need the iPhone!”.

No you likely don’t, while the planet will likely suffer.

The iPhone might look like a silly example, but pretty much no one seems to comment, „Oh, by buying an iPhone, you doom the future of the planet!”.

All people seem to think is along the lines of „Oh, but I need it!”. Likely, you don’t.

I’m not saying you should live in a cave, but most people living today don’t need the most powerful phone.

And if you say that Apple does good things for the planet, I’m not to judge that, but it’s impossible to create a $1,000+ product and not have a big impact on the environment. No matter what.

Tell a person buying cryptocurrency that they’re harming the plant. „Who cares?”.

It’s disheartening.

There’s just one solution in life – keep insisting on the good things. Keep doing it. Save the starfish and matter for that precious little being’s life!

Be the lone ranger who keeps doing the good things.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa

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The most important thing in a relationship

iezalel williams - Merry Christmas from an old Banyan tree - Greetings summer season 18_12_2021 07_31_58

I liked this part of a talk a lot:

„Now, that’s the secret to the pure oxygen of a true companionate love, the mystical love of the romance where you feel truly chosen for each other. It has to be based on honesty. It has to be. And a lot of people are like, yeah, yeah, good luck with that. And there are lots of things. That doesn’t mean you have to say, by the way, “Sweetheart, your butt looks fat in that.”

Tim Ferriss: I was just going to ask.

Arthur Brooks: Yeah. No, no, no. It doesn’t mean you have to volunteer every single thing that you’re thinking because you’re not insane. But when there’s a direct question, there’s a direct answer. What I comes down to. Okay, that’s fine.” – Source: The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Arthur C. Brooks — How to Be Happy, Reverse Bucket Lists, The Four False Idols, Muscular Philosophies, Practical Inoculation Against the Darkness, and More (#692) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss.

Listen to the whole episode »

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Despre video-ul I Make $1.3M/Year With One Skill


Legat de videoul: „I Make $1.3M/Year With One Skill”:

Ce model de business are?

Plătești un abonament ca să îți facă webdesign.

Nu are întâlniri, are un sistem de ticketing (Trello), clienții pun tickete acolo, și face taskurile în termen relativ scurt.

Nu e plătit per task, ci clienții plătesc per lună niște ore.

Probabil are și un setup fee, în rest, plătești lunar pentru abonament la niște taskuri.

Problema nu e atât să tarifezi, problema e să muncești atât de bine încât să demonstrezi că faci treabă bună și să ai clienți.

Tariful lui minim e 300$ / oră dacă folosești toate orele alea, dacă nu le folosești plătești oricum pachetul.

Dar 300$ / oră la un pachet de ore, e un tarif mare, și pachetul lui e foarte scump, chiar dacă folosește cineva toate orele lui.

Cea mai mare problemă la el nu e să copiezi modelul, ci să găsești clienți care sunt dispuși să dea 5.000$ / lună pentru mentenanță site.

Problema nu e dificultatea de a copia modelul, ci dificultatea de a vinde modelul.

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Networking, civic involvement and community art workshops throughout the month of October as part of Om cu Om – Festival de Cartier (Neighbourhood Festival), an event dedicated to the local community in Bucharest neighbourhoods

Networking, civic involvement and community art workshops throughout the month of October as part of Om cu Om – Festival de Cartier (Neighbourhood Festival), an event dedicated to the local community in Bucharest neighbourhoods

Om cu Om – Festival de Cartier brings together residents from Buzești, Icoanei and Mântuleasa neighbourhoods

Bucharest, 20th of September 2023: Om cu Om – Festival de Cartier (Neighbourhood Festival) will bring together people who live, work or study in the neighbourhoods of Buzești, Icoanei and Mântuleasa through networking, civic involvement and community art workshops that will take place every weekend in October. The mission of the event, now in its first year, is to cultivate civic spirit, combining fun and creative activities with the impetus to form a network of vicinity to revitalise the three neighbourhoods.

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Chess and superhumans

Tamas Garam - chess

I like this quote:

Cînd vezi, de aproape, un sportiv profesionist antrenîndu-se ai sentimentul că face parte dintr-o specie diferită. Că vine de pe altă planetă. Dacă Gabi Szabo și-ar arunca pantofii cu toc de la recepție și ar lua-o la fugă dinspre Romană spre Universitate n-ai prinde-o nici cu bicicleta.

Faceți această experiență o dată. Asistați la un maraton de undeva de aproape, pentru ca plutonul să vă treacă prin fața ochilor! Veți avea sentimentul că ei aleargă 42 de kilometri cum alergăm noi suta de metri.

Cătălin Tolontan: Mircea Badea, Lordul John și un simulacru.

I think in chess you can see the top players playing. There are match databases with games of Magnus Carlsen, for example.

The thing is – try and imitate some of the player’s moves and try to understand them.

To me, at least, most moves seem out of this world.

Trying to anticipate – „Oh, he’ll move so and so” – generally leads to me making errors and bluffs.

Yet the top players generally can anticipate a good move.

Chess top players are really out of this world.

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Apple’s strategy

derekb - a is for apple
I think one of Apple’s general strategies is limiting options and, thus, increasing the appeal of its current offering:
  • They don’t sell small/cheap iPhones, so you tend to treasure more what you have; if you don’t have a small iPhone to buy, you’ll appreciate more the big-screen phone;
  • They deliberately sell products with low specifications (low storage, low RAM, etc.), thus forcing you to pay extra for more capabilities; when you do pay, you like it more;
  • They deliberately only give the most powerful features in an iPhone to the top-tier products; if you want to buy a cheaper phone, you’ll get last year’s performance; thus, you’re inclined to buy the latest phone and enjoy it more.

As I see it, restrictions increase pleasure. A user will like the products even more.

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Memory and knowledge, intuition and intelligence

Helen Haden - Mind games

Below are some very personal thoughts on intelligence vs. memory. These are not validated by anything but my own experience.

I think these things are related:

  • Some people have a good memory and thus are able to access a lot of things. Paradoxically, although it might be unclear, I think these people have good creativity due to their large memory abilities. On the downside, they might not see very well the logical paths.
  • (I consider myself rather in this position.) Other people might have a weak memory and need to use their intelligence in a lot of situations. Thus, they can be intuitive and use logic.

So, when facing a new project, people with good memory are able to find new solutions but might fail to see what’s logical.

People with poor memory might be more intuitive but miss some creative processes.

Creativity is great; you need some good memory for this. But intelligence and intuition are also fine.

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Fuckup Nights Bucharest, the 18th edition: Octavian Vucmanovici – the CEO of Vifrana, Vlad Hâncu – cofounder of Shoteria, Anca Gheorghe – head of business at DIUD and Andrei Dunuță – founder “Arta de a NU vinde” reveal the professional failures that helped them achieve success

Bucharest, August 16th 2023: Octavian VucmanoviciCEO of Vifrana, Vlad Hâncu cofounder of Shoteria, Anca Gheorghe – head of business at DIUD and Andrei Dunuță, Founder of “Arta de a NU vinde” share the obstacles and professional failures that marked their careers at the 18th edition of Fuckup Nights Bucharest (FUN). They will talk openly about the challenging experiences that influenced their professional activity, offering new insights into understanding professional failure as an essential element on the road to success.

The event will take place at Stup on Thursday, 24th of August, starting at 18:30. Participation is free and can be done by registering on the Stup platform, according to availability.

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