How to add links to a webpage?

rapid links

Let’s say you have a website, and on it, a page X.

You want to rank high on Google with page X, and for this, you have two big options:

  • You either link to page X directly.
  • You link to other pages that link to X (so, an indirect link).

Which is better?

The links are to the page you want to rank with (say X).

Yes, if you make pages that link to page X, you can link to those pages, and indirectly, page X will help. But doing so will send very little value.

Ideally, if you want to get traffic to X, get links to X, not to the satellite pages of that page.

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Media Analytics: Why Do You Need It?


Article by LOOQME – the ecosystem for brand health monitoring and analytics.

Automated reports, notifications about the brand mentions, analysis of mentions of the company – all of these instruments have long been used for tracking the effectiveness of PR campaigns.

But does your company need all these tools? To understand this, let’s analyze some monitoring tools functions in the context of media analytics.

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The most important criteria in a relationship

Adam Y Zhang - Love and Hate Relationship

To me, the most important criteria in a relationship are:

Humor – it’s an ability to go past some things, to feel good, to allow expression, and, to some degree, although not necessarily true, show vulnerability.

Vulnerability – this is so important, that it gets its own point. You need to allow yourself to fail, to some degree.

Trust – very nice to have. If you don’t have this, you don’t have much.

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Titi Aur, rally pilot, Armand Domuță – Restart Energy One CEO, Diana Oncioiu, reporter, independent journalist, Paula Rusu, journalist and blogger, are coming to Fuckup Nights Bucharest to discuss failure, how they have overcome it and what they have learned from it Fuckup Nights Bucharest, chapter 13, is making a physical comeback, at CoOperativa Bar

Bucharest, 27th April, 2022: Titi Aur – rally pilot, Armand Domuță – CEO Restart Energy One, Diana Oncioiu – reporter, Paula Rusu – journalist and blogger are talking about career challenges at the Fuckup Nights Bucharest, chapter 13.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 19th, at CoOperativa Bar (86 Icoanei 86 Str.). Purchase the tickets here or here.

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Hari K Patibanda - A Pair of Wood Sandpipers fighting for the perch

Sometimes, I look at my life and others and notice there’s a huge struggle to do good.

Everyone, in their own way, wants to do good – both personally, and professionally.

And the struggle to do so is big.

We all have a brain and a body, putting them to good use is not that easy, though.

The solution – keep trying, even if, at times, you’ll fail.

The struggle is real, and it can bring good results.

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Framing the debate

Cultura UCSC - Debates Interescolares UCSC

A child’s right to eat is not equal to a meal plan for all children in school.

You can have a speech: „We don’t know why we are debating the right to eat a proper meal for all children, even poor ones”.

Well, that’s not what we’re debating, we’re debating the meals for all the kids at lunch at school.

The two things are not the same.

See, if you say „Poor children deserve to be well fed”, that’s a subject, but if you say „All the children need to be fed at school”, that’s a different topic.

For the first scenario, there are some specific solutions (like just some kids to eat at school, or giving money only to the poor children), for the second scenario, there are other solutions (food in school for all of the children).

Framing the question correctly is highly important.

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