200 participants and 6 winning teams of the NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania 2021 hackathon

200 participants and 6 winning teams of the NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania 2021 hackathon

Among the winning projects: a greenhouse for agriculture on Mars, space exploration games, and a map of the debris around the Earth

  • 200 participants, aged between 16-56 years
  • 28 registered teams, 15 finalist teams, 6 winning teams
  • Event held online in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi, but with participation from all over the country, as well as from Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova
  • Over 80% of participants with technical background

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Over 150 participants from Romania enter the NASA Space Apps Challenge competition, the largest space and science hackathon in the world

NASA Space Apps Challenge Romania 2021

The grand award: the chance to witness the launch of a space shuttle in 2022

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge: October 2-3, 2021, online
  • 28 challenges for the teams that participate in the NASA Space App Challenge
  • The grand award: the chance to witness the launch of a rocket at the agency’s headquarters

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#UNFINISHED21 – a one-week-long multidisciplinary experience

Unfinished festival

The festival is taking place from October 24th to 31st, 2021, in our very own online world. We’ve kept the best of last year, reinvented even more, and are still cooking up some wild ideas that we just can’t wait to share!

#UNFINISHED21 is a one-week-long multidisciplinary experience taking place online from Sunday October 24th to Sunday October 31st. This application is the only way to join our community!

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Apply online »

Is there anything in this world that isn’t in motion? From cosmos to atoms, humans to opinions, we are but tiny specs on long dotted lines, infinite and incomplete, as this very list is.

Embrace mistakes, failures, detours, wanders, accidents, experiments. Counting on them as blessings helps us take greater risks and brings our journey to more exciting places.

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Some things I’ve sold online

byronv2 - Sale, Sale, Sold

I sold tickets to an event I co-organized ».

Initially, for a few years, we organized them for free. When we started asking for money, people were reluctant to pay us. After a while, we got to a similar number of participants for the premium editions as for the free ones. Most of the selling argument was “You know us well, already”, we didn’t need to use much persuasion.

We did use some packages, like buying multiple tickets with a discount.

I also helped with selling a book online, in which I wrote two chapters.

We put the first chapter online for free, some testimonials, and arranged to have an option to buy online.

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Project: Internship work that professionals, organizations, and their clients are looking to outsource to their long-term collaborators

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - High School Summer Internship Program Recognition Ceremony & Reception

Motivation: As inflation and the economic crisis are sweeping the markets, there is a high need for training professionals who are willing to take a freelancing/entrepreneurial stand in their fields. Students who are willing to learn, practice, and prove their long-term compatibility with these positions are sought for by organizations and professionals who are willing to offer a project-based or part-time collaboration in a long-term professional relationship. Distance training for each of these positions can be provided by professionals or through pre-recorded courses for free, by experts in various industries.

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Recomandare curs: Learning How to Learn (master tough subjects) – RO și EN

Learning How to Learn

Recomand un curs: Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects – Home | Coursera.

Am trecut prin majoritatea video-urilor din cursul de mai jos și îl recomand dacă vă interesează să învățați mai multe despre cum să învățați.

Are și subtitrări, în mai multe limbi, inclusiv română.

La finalul unui capitol se dau mai multe resurse, pe care le puteți căuta în online.

Dacă vă pasionează învățarea, e un curs care poate fi interesant.

Poate fi ascultat și în fundal, nu e atât de solicitant, dar pentru unele părți trebuie atenție.

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines.

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Changing values and having dilemmas

carnagenyc - Value

Andrei Pleșu has some articles (RO) about dilemmas: Cu sau fără dileme? – Dilema veche. Omul fără dileme – Dilema veche. What’s my view on the matter? I think there are some absolute values – not wanting to hurt anyone, trying to do good, fighting for a better world. On another hand, when you act, some values go in opposite directions. I tend not to work with companies in certain niches (gambling / casino / payday loans / smoking / erotic / unhealthy things, anything related to unhealthy food / drinks). But what would happen in this scenario: I would be offered a huge amount of money, with which I could help others? The impact of my action would be small. Luckily, this scenario rarely if ever happens, but it reminds me of some verses in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, in which Judas is persuaded by the following argument: “[CAIAPHAS] Think of the things you can do with that money Choose any charity – give to the poor” (via ») I truly believe that all men try to follow a set of values, whether I agree with them or not is another matter. Yet another matter is what happens when values conflict. Yet another matter is about a situation in which due to some circumstances (let’s say I drink too much), and I act against my common sense.