Floria.ro expects a 15% increase in sales of flowers and arrangements for Palm Sunday and Easter

Floria.ro expects a 15% increase in sales of flowers and arrangements for Palm Sunday and Easter

The first quarter brought in over 900,000 euros in business, a 5% increase from 2023 

 Floria.ro, an established online florist delivering anywhere in the country within 2-4 hours of order confirmation, estimates a 15% increase in sales of flowers and arrangements for Palm Sunday and Easter. These two occasions are when the most flowers are given in the second quarter of the year, followed by Saints Constantine and Helen (May 21) and the end of the school year, around June 15. In the first quarter of the year, the online florist’s sales exceeded 900,000 euros, marking a 5% increase from 2023. 

“For Palm Sunday and Easter, we are expecting a 15% increase, fuelled by corporate orders as well as Romanians abroad, who send flowers to family and friends in Romania. According to statistics, there are approximately 1.8 million Romanians celebrating their name day on Palm Sunday. Of these, about two-thirds are women, so over 1 million Romanian women celebrate their name day on Palm Sunday. We aim to grow by offering a collection of over 1,000 seasonal flower bouquets and activating the corporate area, where Easter arrangements are complemented by gourmet products or wines”, says Marina Popescu, General Manager of Floria.ro.

The average value of bouquets ordered on Floria.ro this year remains at 300 lei, a national average also recorded in 2023. However, Romanians living abroad place orders with an average value up to 25% higher than orders from Romania.

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2017.01.27 A lie hurts the person who tells it

I read some posts on living frugally on online forums.

Examples include:

  • I have a non-shareable coupon code; I’ll share it with others.
  • I have a non-shareable account; I’ll share it.
  • You can buy cheaper streaming services if you say you’re in a poorer country.
  • I have an affiliate code; use mine.
  • I’ll negotiate by lying about wanting to leave the company’s services.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to cut costs.

But there are some other rules than legal rules – ethical rules.

Even if you can fool a service provider with no apparent direct consequences, this doesn’t imply everything is moral and acceptable.

There are other laws than State laws.

If I can share my Netflix account, this doesn’t mean I should.

If I threaten to leave a service provider without real intention, I can definitely reduce the bills. But I’ll also decrease the value I place on personal integrity.

There are even platforms like GoSplit – you give them money to pay less than Netflix. You pay a commission for having smaller costs with Netflix. And lower integrity, of course.


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Repeated customers

Thomas Hawk - No Frills Price

When I went to the market (to buy groceries; there were open markets) in Bucharest, sellers would sometimes try to cheat on me.

When I go to a market in a small place (town, village), the sellers are much more honest.

What’s the difference?

In a big market, there are many sellers and many buyers. If you can’t remember them all, build a connection, and always treat people as being „one in many,” you tend not to care if you cheat or get cheated.

If you have a personal relationship with a seller, it matters whether they are honest.

Thus, if possible, buy from small markets with few sellers who will try to build a relationship with you.

Or buy from a supermarket and have almost zero risk of being cheated.

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On what true happiness means

0soulis0 - Soulis: Happy New Year

I liked a podcast by Bishop Robert Barron: What Makes Us Happy? – YouTube.

The Bishop says that even if Nordic countries like Finland rank very high on measures of happiness, the survey people might look at the wrong KPIs when evaluating happiness.

There are a lot of arguments in the video; if you’re interested in the topic, you might want to check it out.

But it did provoke me to think – is happiness really about healthcare and a good state of being? Or is it much more, a more profound thing?

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Thoughts and prayers

2017.01.27 A lie hurts the person who tells it

Thoughts and prayers might be a wrong, naive, and perhaps even silly way to help someone.

It might be nice to think positively, but it might not bring any value.

In my opinion, thoughts and prayer help a lot the person(s) who says them.

Also, what is love?

Love is „To will the good of the other” – Bishop Robert Barron.

Thus, „Thoughts and prayers”, silly to some, is, actually, love.

Of course, if you can give a helping hand, this proves valuable.

But love takes many forms.

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On ChatGPT’s creativity

High-Angle Photo of Robot · Free Stock Photo

I heard an opinion that ChatGPT doesn’t produce anything new and lacks creativity, as it only „recycles” old content.

I think ChatGPT can combine things from very separate domains and produce new things based on that.

But let’s say that ChatGPT only recycles old content.

Compare this to humans – do we create something from scratch, or do we think of what our predecessors did and only build on that?

Put a newborn in a forest, and that person will likely not do anything substantial with their life.

We need to copy a lot of things.

Sure, we can invent new things, after we know all that was in the past, and ChatGPT likely won’t do this.

For a while, at least.

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SERP Conf. International 2024, Sofia: Speakers from Google, Semrush, and Ahrefs

SERP Conf. International 2024

Why attend SERP Conf.?

In 2021 we created the first ever European SEO conference, that took place in Bulgaria – SERP Light Conf. It was attended by famous names from the industry and representatives of huge businesses like Google, Semrush and many others.

The next step in the development of the Bulgarian business was the creation of the live event SERP Conf., which aims to unite the SEO community in Bulgaria and respect the foundations laid more than 10 years ago and the efforts for the development of the Bulgarian business in the SERPs.

And we succeeded!

The event will be held on April 18 and 19 in Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture

Sofia – More than 700 guests from 4 continents are expected to gather for SERP Conf. 2024, an event organized by Serpact. The conference, which is now international, is one of the most recognizable events for the SEO community in Bulgaria.

„The event is two days now. The great interest motivates us to increase the capacity of the hall by nearly 50% and the tickets offered – we expect more than 700 people in Hall 3 of the NPC. The place we have chosen to be the home of SERP Conf. International 2024 – the National Palace of Culture – symbolizes growth, development, and great goals. We believe it is time for the next step”, commented Nikola Minkov, CEO and founder of Serpact, SERP Conf. and SERP Acad., CEO and co-founder of Trackian.

During the two days of the conference, visitors will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and benefit from the personal experience of top speakers from leading companies such as Google, Ahrefs, Digital Olympus, Growth Skills, and more.

SERP Conf. is intended for:

  • Small and medium business owners;
  • SEO Experts;
  • Marketing Specialists;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Future Entrepreneurs;
  • Freelancers with an interest in Digital.

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