Pelerinaj la Mănăstirile Frăsinei (Vâlcea) și Bascovele (Argeș) cu teolog dr. Stelian Gomboș (2021.11.19-20)

În 19 și 20 noiembrie 2021, dr. Stelian Gomboș a organizat un pelerinaj la Mănăstirea Frăsinei (județul Vâlcea) și Mănăstirea Bascovele (județul Argeș).

Acatiste, pomelnice și prinoase au putut fi aduse și oferite ambelor mănăstiri.

Mai jos, imagini de la eveniment.

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Cum alegi o carieră în online marketing

Sgt. Pepper57 - Career lane

OK, vrei să îți alegi o carieră în marketing online.

Eu aș zice că e important să îți alegi una din două căi:
1. Fie foarte specializat, foarte nișat, dacă faci SEO axează-te pe Linkbuilding sau SEO tehnic sau Structurare informație pe site.
2. Fie foarte generalist, să știi puțin din toate, Internet marketing la modul general – și SEO, și PPC, și alte lucruri.

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How to be confident?

enjosmith - New growth

Dr. Julie Gurner on Twitter:

What is the secret of truly confident people? Let’s pull back the curtain.

Even when you’re fantastic at what you do, you may have moments of insecurity professionally or elsewhere.


The secret is ridiculously simple: Their focus & where they operate.
– Insecure people focus on what they’re *not* good at & confront it often.
– Confident people focus on what they *are* good at & operate here regularly.
This mentally positions them for everything that comes.

The answer seems to be simple – try to focus on what you do best.

A lot of times we focus on the negative.

When you think of feedback from colleagues, negative thoughts come to mind.

When you consider feedback in the formal education, generally the „you’re lacking this” comes up.

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Robertino Radovix - Volti dell' India

Sometimes, I compare myself with great thinkers and writers, and look at the things they’ve read and, most of them, I haven’t.

There’s just a tiny, small, miniscule issue with this thinking – I’m not a professional writer. My main job is not writing.

It’s like comparing a person who jogs half an hour in the evenings with a professional.

And whom do I admire, the „regular” professionals or the top performers? You got it – the top performers. So, coming back to the comparison, it’s like comparing myself with people who win national contests and go to Olympiad to represent the country.
I’ll let myself go this time. ;)

Are those people better? The problem is that there are no terms of comparison. What’s better – water or a spoon? You can’t compare these.

Give me some slack. :)

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When the bad is not that bad

Olaf Arndt - 7 years .. oh god !!! 😳

If you really think about the worst things that happened to you, you might notice they’re not that bad.

At least, this is what happens to me.

A lot of people give this advice: „Focus on the positive, don’t think about the negative aspects!”. But if you look at the negative, and see it’s not that bad, it might be worthwhile to reconsider the logic.

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The paradox of The paradox of choice

darwin Bell - Sophie's Choice

Barry Schwartz has a famous TED Talk on The paradox of choice.

Basically, he says that having multiple options from which to choose can actually make someone rather unhappy with the choice.

I think that if you go in a store, and you see 100 types of jeans, yes, what he says is true.

But if you go in an online store and there are 100 or perhaps even 1,000 types of pants, but you can easily see the ones that have been sold the most, or have recently been added, or you can read an article about the trends of 2021 and out of the 1,000 jeans there are 5 listed which are great, or you read an article that presents you with the most durable jeans, then, perhaps, you’ll be happier.

„I have the best jeans out of a selection of 1,000 jeans” means more than „I went to a store with 5 types of jeans, I thoroughly examined them all, and picked one”.

Sorting and filtering change the behavior.

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Usability tip: use graphs and images, whenever possible

Dirk - Evolution

Tip for Usability – If you can, try and use graphs and images.

Images tell a lot of things, more than words.

Whenever possible, use images, as opposed to just using words.

I recently did a paper for a school I currently attend, and having graphs and images helped a lot.

Animations or live demos are even better, but it takes more work.

Whenever you have a paper to prepare, consider images, they have a big impact.

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