Instagram: Marea în 2020 (2020.09.17)

Am fost anul ăsta de două ori la mare, deși am locuit de la final de mai la Năvodari, și am făcut și baie, și m-am simțit bine, și apa n-a fost așa rece, deși nu bag mâna în foc pentru asta.

Dar degetul pe cameră tot l-am pus, așa cum îl puteți admira în splendidele poze de mai jos.

A fost frumos la mare, mi-a plăcut.

“Emoții”, cum ar zice 3SE.

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Essai: Ressembler à George Pruteanu

GeorgePruteanu - George Pruteanu - Wikipedia

J’apercevoir George Pruteanu (décédé 2008) comme un home drôle, un peu extrême, créatif, mais, de temps, faire des erreurs.

Je ressemble ça.

J’ai dormi dans de l’ONG pour avoir plusieurs temps avec d’Internet. Je suis un peu manique de l’ordinateur. Je pense dans d’extrêmes. Je pris la rue non habituelle. Je fais des erreurs.

J’aime George Pruteanu, et j’aime mes erreurs.

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Essai: Tu ne peux pas être juge si tu as fait une erreur

Andrea - Stone upon stone upon stone awarded 10

Dans une discussion avec Gabriel Liiceanu, Horia-Roman Patapievici (Înapoi la argument cu Horia-Roman Patapievici și Gabriel Liiceanu), a dit qu’une personne A ne peut pas se prononcer, être juge, d’une action négative d’autre personé, B, si cette personne, A, a fait l’action négative, lui-même.

Je ne suis pas d’accord, comment Gabriel Liiceanu était d’accord. Pour moi, une action ne peut pas me faire moins capable de juger. D’être une référence, oui, il est vrai, je ne suis pas capable – je ne peux pas être un modèle. Mais juger, ça, je peux.

Je fais référence à des comportements externes – je ne peux pas dire à quelqu’un: “Tu ne peux pas être juger”. Si je veux n’être pas juge, ça c’est ma décision.

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Short story: Self confidence – by Olivian Breda

,jetzt - confidence

Structure of a story:
a. Weakness and internal need: Self-doubt and need for appreciation.
b. Trigger event: An email message.
c. External need: Do good audits.
d. Adversary: Routine.
e. Plan: Change things.
f. Fight: Keep on trying doing audits.
g. Self-revelation: Realizing the mistake with audits.
h: New equilibrium: Therapy and pretending things are fine until it actually happens (Placebo).

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Short story: The music lover – by Olivian Breda

42Jules - Musics

There was once a little boy, who lived in a small town by the seaside, in Romania.

In the late 1990s, he was about 14 years old, he used to put some effort into listening to music.

He had a cassette player and, at one time, he happily discovered he liked music. He really liked Ace of Base.

Prior to that, he listened on a pick-up player, on vinyl disks, songs like Tu, Ardeal, interpreted by Veta Biriș.

He listened to all sorts of music, it made him feel alive.

Time passed. Some bad things happened to him, some joyful things happened to him, people came and left his life, he grew older and older, and stories kept coming, but the music was always there.

Sometimes soothing a wound, sometimes making him understand that the wound that annoyed him so much, and deeply upset him, was for his own good, preventing a possible even greater wound, sometimes enjoying the good things in his life so much that he exaggerated with the joy, and had too much of it (yes, that thing is possible), sometimes just relaxing him, sometimes bringing to his memory things from the past, sometimes helping him imagine a better future, sometimes making connections and finding friends.

At some point in life, the boy discovered Christ, and he started listening to music in the church (Orthodox chants). Time passed, and he once discovered a live show of Jesus Christ Superstar. He understood then that you can have a combination between religion and rock music and not disturb any side. He enjoyed that.

He started going to theatrical companies, doing theater here and there, always trying, sometimes failing. At one of those, he saw a band (Truverii) which kept on rehearsing for long periods of time, until, finally, they’ve launched.

He didn’t like concerts all that much, preferring to listen to music on digital means.

Recently, he was happy to start listening to higher-quality music.

I’d love to tell you the moral of the story, the thing is, the story never ends, it keeps going.

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