Answering questions

Ikhlasul Amal - Questionnaire

If you take a question in a written form, you can look at it, analyze it, and debate it.

Verbally, as far as I notice, people answer a bit strange – if the question is detailed, people tend to answer to just a part of it.

If I have a question, and the answer is complex, a lot of time, in a verbal manner, people reply to just a part of it.

The solution, as far as I see it, is to try and give a complete answer, even if the communication is oral.

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Two things at the same time

Alfred Grupstra - I Wish You A Lot Of Choices In 2019

„No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24, NIV)

Sometimes, I try and take risks. And, more often than not, things fail.

You can’t have both a risky situation and lots of things going in your favor. You need to pick your battles.

What should you focus on? The most important things, whatever those may be for you.

While this may seem minor, establishing what needs to be done is, in my opinion, fundamental.

Everything depends on what a person decides to do/avoid.

There was an issue recently about fake news in the media. The media outlet had two options – risk their reputation and be the first to come out with the news vs. wait a bit and confirm the news. Each option has consequences.

As I see it, there are two options:

  • You have some procedures, and you always follow them – this rules out some opportunities, but there’s little risk.
  • You don’t have procedures, or you don’t follow them at times. Also, you might lack some skills or information (perhaps from experience) at some point and make poor decisions. This might lead to issues, but at times it may prove worthwhile to follow your instincts. But, all-in-all, not having procedures / not following them / not being skilled enough / not having enough data / following your instincts brings some risks. You need to acknowledge these.

If you play the lottery, you take some risks in order to win. But I think the odds are against you, and you’re better off doing other things with your money.

Another example – most people put their phones on silent when they go see a show. But what happens if there’s an Emergency Message (they get sent even loud on Silent Mode activated)? People take risks by leaving their phones on silent, yet most of them do.

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Follow-up: Slujba Acatistului Sfântului Ioan Iacob Hozevitul, a Vecerniei celei Mari și a Litiei (2022.08.04, Biserica Sf. Ilie Tabaci din Ploiești)

Slujba Acatistului Sfântului Ioan Iacob Hozevitul, a Vecerniei celei Mari și a Litiei (2022.08.04, Biserica Sf. Ilie Tabaci din Ploiești)

În 04 august 2022 a avut loc la Biserica Sf. Ilie (Tabaci) din Ploiești Slujba Acatistului Sfântului Ioan Iacob Hozevitul, a Vecerniei celei Mari și a Litiei.

Dr. Stelian Gomboș a participat la eveniment.

Mai jos, imagini și video de la eveniment.

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Annoying prayers

Adam Y Zhang - Good Kisser

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, … (Matthew 5:44, New International Version)

If someone annoys you (I won’t use the word „hate”, I think it’s too much, in my opinion, most people are annoyed by others, they don’t hate them deeply), you can try and make good gestures for them. Show a sign of good fate and behave nicely.

But such occasions tend to be rare – to do a small sacrifice, to do good, to actually act on your intent.

Yet, there’s a simpler way to love those who annoy you – pray for them.

It’s a placebo effect – if you wish the good of the other, you will get past their annoying behavior much more easily.

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Some dark patterns

Marcin Krawczyk - After your 40's you know right from wrong

You open a chat with a website, and you see that „the operator is typing”. But sometimes you talk to a bot (computer Artificial Intelligence), and to mimic human behavior, they are also typing.

Sometimes, websites introduce waiting times and screen loaders just to increase the time a user has to wait to get to the page and make the page more desirable.

Some TV Shows in Romania are shown online one week prior to TV, just for you to buy online access.

Some social media websites don’t show you options to navigate in a video, you are forced to watch start to end.

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Despre mersul la mare

Îmi place să merg la mare, am fost de ceva timp.

Câteva sfaturi sau cel puțin cum fac eu:

  • Evit să stau la soare, în general stau în apă, stau foarte puțin „la plajă”. Consider că duce mai degrabă la o formă de cancer de piele decât la ceva bine acest vânat-de-unii „bronz”.
  • Dacă mă expun la soare, am o combinație de:
    • Ochelari de soare.
    • Pălărie de soare, cu bor mai larg.
    • Cremă de soare cu SPF ridicat și să fie ceva brand de încredere.
    • Haine lungi, chiar și pe căldură.
  • În apă, ochelari de înot/protecție UV (protejează ochii de bacterii + UV).
  • (notă – nu sunt cardiolog, vorbesc aici de trupul meu la 40 de ani, nu garantez că nu pot fi și efecte adverse) Încerc să îmi acomodez corpul cu apa, când intru caut să intru brusc cu tot corpul în apă, stau un pic în apă, apoi ies și las ca vântul/aerul să răcească și mai mult temperatura corpului.
  • Nu uit că am venit la mare în special să mă simt bine și să fac niște mișcare. Caut să înot, deși în apa de la Năvodari sunt și alge, și meduze, și alți oameni, și uneori și oameni cu Skijet. În pofida acestor lucruri, caut să înot, pe cât pot, că am venit la mare pentru mișcare, în special.
  • Legat de Skijet / caiace / bărci cu motor, evit să stau prea mult sub apă, caut să îmi petrec timpul cu capul deasupra apei, ca să fiu vizibil.
  • Dacă sunt valuri mai mari, stau la malul apei și mă distrez cu apa care vine cu un val mare. Nu merg niciodată mai departe de țărm dacă sunt valuri.
  • Mă ajută că știu să înot, îmi place asta.

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