Start with a BOOM!

Tom Magliery - Start

In a presentation („Prezentări de succes”) I attended via JA Romania, the presenter said something in the line of: „When you start some presentation, of any sort (video, audio, speech, story), don’t start with «He is X, X is doing so and so». Instead, start with the action. Don’t introduce the characters, starts where the action is”.

I liked the idea.

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How to work on tasks?

Vladimir Kud - Priority Number 1

Some principles I like to follow when working on tasks:

  • Don’t break the chain. Once I start an action, I try my best to finish it.
  • Use the calendar a lot. Prioritize tasks, work on batches.
  • Know when you’re most productive. For me, that’s the first part of the day.
  • Work on the most important things first. Prioritizing tasks should be an important part of the tasks.

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Hash-generated passwords

jesse1dog - One Among Eight!

Let’s say you want to create a password for a website.

How to do it?

One way is to create a password and use it repeatedly on a lot of other websites. That’s a poor solution.

Another solution would be to use a password generator and manager to generate and save a password and use complex, random passwords. The solution is optimal, but it requires some technical skills – handling a password manager is not very complicated, nor is it simple.

You could use a system like GMail offers: create a username based on email, something like:,

where „random text” could be random for each website you create an account.

And, either based on such an email or on the URL of the website, you could create a uniquely different password.

So, if I want to create an account on, I could use my email, and password „”.

Yet, just by looking at the above example, one can understand how I got to have that password and try to replicate the login on different websites.

Yes, a bot will fail to replicate the password, but a human hacker will easily understand my password.

There’s another solution, though – based on either the URL ( or email username (, I could generate a string.

There are some hash generators that, starting from such a string would generate a random password.

An online example, but there are many others: SHA256 Hash Generator Online.

Hash for „990F509B877370D67FB2202D3D0332543642E6846D17F9F3029E60C0EB395DAC”.

Hash for „533C151BC4F877C3E7CFE2033CF602F27D6833BD60C8EF5CC0430B431C4D3BF1”.

This is also not impossible to hack, but it’s much more complicated.

You could even create a custom function, a custom hash generator.

Thus, you would have an unique, complex, password for each website.

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The not-so-final pass

miuenski miuenski - password changed

When I tell others they can use a password manager like LastPass, I’m often told – „what if I forget/lose that password, or what if LastPass goes down?”.

Quite a few people have been afraid of forgetting the password and getting locked out completely.

The solution is simple – most password managers offer you the option to export your passwords.

Do this periodically, and make an archive with a password you know.

If the online password manager disappears, you’ll still have your archive.

In my opinion, the risks for this happening are miniscule.

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Saving the list of applied-to jobs

List of Jobs

I like to save the jobs I apply to.

I have an Excel file with the following columns:

Date Job Title Company Location Job Listing Job Listing #2 Cover letter Link Portfolio sent? Response? Optimism-level

I save in it the date I applied, the job title, company, where the job is placed, a link to the job posting (and a second one, in case there are more), my cover letter used for the job (so I’ll know, later on, what I wrote to the company), whether I sent a portfolio or not if I received a response, and how optimistic am I of getting the job.

Having a centralized system for this helps with organizing stuff.

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Failsafe Internet

HD - Internet

Internet with a failsafe solution – in Năvodari, when I don’t have electricity at home, this also happens on the staircase hall, within the block of flats. There is a router in there, so if I don’t have electricity in my house, there’s no cable Internet.

My solution? I connect to my mobile.

An optimal solution? I think it’s best to have two connections to the Internet.

The poorest solution – „there is no Internet, we’re not doing anything.”

Large companies, which depend on Internet, are looking at a backup solution that costs 30-50 lei per month, and an initial investment in a router that is capable of handling two connections to the net at the same time.

For example, such a router would allow an immediate failsafe – if there is no Internet, another connection would take over immediately.

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Rolul unui antreprenor

Gomag Virtual Summit 2022 - Totul Despre Comert si Marketing Online

În prezentarea lui Adrian Dragomir ( – „Managementul vârtejului operațional” (Gomag Virtual Summit 2022) s-a vorbit despre antreprenoriat.

Un antreprenor are ca rol:

  • Recrutare (lideri/manageri) – trebuie să faci angajări de profesioniști, nu angaja oameni pe care să îi crești de la zero. Un om pe care îl crești de la zero va fi tentat să plece la competiție după un an doi.
  • Să facă rost de bani – dacă nu ai buget, alocă 20% din companie pentru lideri/manageri.

Business-ul se face cu lucruri și concepte simple. Dificultatea e în disciplina de implementare.

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