Newsletters and Black Friday

I created a fake account and subscribed to a lot of newsletters, just for Black Friday.

Two opposite problems – too many emails or too few emails. At the same time.

A shop selling watches with almost daily emails is way too much.

Other stores, a bit too little (I forgot to which I subscribed, so if they don’t email me, I don’t even know about them).

Then, a lot of aggressiveness in some emails. Can-can emails, full of Spam, begging for attention, no care for the long-term, every pressure put on „Now! Now! Now!”.

Few questions to personalize the emails. Very little personalization based on my actions – do I click an email? Yes or No. Based on this answer, I’ll get lots or fewer emails.

Forcing people to also leave their phone numbers when subscribing to an email newsletter. (this might lead some people in not subscribing at all)

Yes, you need to sell today, but you also need to sell 10 years from now.

Schub@ - passive aggressive
Schub@ – passive aggressive,

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