Rules for commenters

To comment, you must:
a. Not make personal attacks (negative comments about a person); You can challenge any idea, but not a person;
b. Use civilized language (be polite); you may make negative remarks, but don’t use swear words;
c. Avoid excessively promoting a product/service/entity; it helps to use a real name and not promote your own products;
d. Write the message in a way that annoys people without adding value.

Examples of comments that will not be approved:
a. „X is an idiot”; X may be another commenter or the article author or a third party; you may say instead – „I don’t agree with X’s action…” or „In my opinion, X is wrong because…”;
b. Any swearing;
c. „Buy from us”;
d. Things that were written to annoy others.

As a moderating style, I try to be unbiased, and at the same time, I don’t try to please everyone.