Some very *personal* notes from Karl Gilis’s presentation at GPeC, November 2021

I like watching Karl Gilis‘s presentations. He’s both an entertainer and a brain trainer. I learn a lot of things watching him, and do this while laughing. He has a lot of courage for showing so much vulnerability when he talks.

This year, on November 2021 GPeC event, he gave a presentation about user experience – Make it personal – Personalisation that really works.

Below, some personal notes. (note – don’t take this as 100% accurate quotes, but some things I wrote)

Try to catch him next time he comes in Romania at GPeC, he’s a very good speaker, in my opinion.


  • If you send email messages, keep personal notes separate from commercial messages. In other words, don’t send a personalized message, and in the same email put links with selling products. Separate the two kinds of emails.
  • Some things to include in a thank-you note message:
    • Thanks.
    • Overview of the order.
    • Compliment the customer for the decision (they will always wonder – „Have I made the right choice?”).
    • „Please relax” + why should the customer relax.
    • What the next steps are, very detailed. Give me dates, details, as specific as possible.
    • How can I contact you?
    • What’s the address for delivery set in the order process?
    • How can I change the delivery address?
    • Also, how can I cancel the order?
    • How can I return the order?
    • A personal message. It can be something funny, also.
    • A PS. (post scriptum)
  • Try to integrate your CRM with your email marketing solution.
  • After you’ve made a sale, ask people how you can help them further. Are they happy with the product? Do they need help with something? A product is not sold when you’ve shipped it, but when the product is being used with pleasure by the customer.
  • You could also send people a message – „Here’s how you could use our product”. Give them tips.
  • Ask people questions before sending them details. Don’t send materials without asking a few questions. A few questions can go a long way in sending much more personalized emails.
  • Ask people for feedback on your website. One or two questions can do wonders.
  • You shouldn’t have large feedback forms, just one or two questions.
  • When cross-selling/up-selling, don’t send a lot of messages with a lot of products. If you send an email, try to send cross-selling/upselling products for just one product. So, if I order a TV and a blanket, don’t email me with soundbars and pillows, pick one and send just those kinds of emails. In another instance, send a message for the other product.
  • Also, for upsell/cross-sell – try to make it personalized. If I buy a TV, don’t show me another TV. If I ordered a TV, and I previously ordered a soundbar, don’t show me soundbars. And so on. Give me something I really need.
  • Create a relationship with your clients. Don’t treat them as objects, try to create a real relationship.
  • Main idea: it’s not what you sell, but how you sell them.

Karl Gilis

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