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Care sunt criteriile pentru a alege o tema de WordPress pentru un blog pe domeniu propriu?

Discut in acest mesaj de criteriile pentru a alege in mod eficient :P o tema de WordPress pentru un blog pe domeniul tau.

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Unde xeroxezi la preturi foarte OK in Bucuresti?

Va recomand o locatie pentru a trage la Xerox foarte ieftin in Bucuresti.

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Cum organizezi o intalnire cu colegii din scoala generala sau liceu sau facultate dupa multi ani?

Sa zicem ca ai de organizat o intalnire cu colegi de-ai tai de scoala generala, liceu sau facultate dupa multi-multi ani.

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Cum traduci un text in romana usor?

Din 8 mai 2008, se poate traduce un site din foarte multe limbi in limba romana. Cum? Simplu: prin Google Translate.

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E mai bine sa alegi un blog pe domeniu gratuit sau sa cumperi un domeniu si gazduire pentru blogul tau?

Cum alegi intre un blog pe domeniu gratuit vs. a unui blog pe domeniu cumparat (plus gazduire)?

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Cum trimiti multe multe poze via email? Sau cum trimiti multe fisiere via email?

Afla aici care este procedura optima de trimitere a unor poze via email (in conditiile in care aveti foarte multe poze).

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How to remove blog ads?

This blog thrives on ads. It also thrives on getting people more information and practical uses of it. I see no conflict between the two, so this blog post is specifically on removing blog ads generally and for this blog specifically.

Why should you block the ads? The answer is simple: they distract you from viewing the interesting content, and even if they are contextual ads (so they are related to the content), most of them are not what you would look for in a page. You might want to keep the ads just to see how other people would promote a web site in two lines. I personally remove ads from FireFox, and keep them in Opera.

Now that you know why should you remove ads, read on to see how to remove them.

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