How to watch movies at a PC?

  • First note: It might be a better idea to watch movies at the cinema. Not for the quality of the video or sound, but for your experience of going to the cinema, the people you’re with, the people around you.
  • Second note: I’m not an expert in computer software for movies. I’ll share my experience.
  • The best program to watch a movie BS Player.
    • If you want to watch part of the movie, do something else, continue viewing, BS Player has the single most useful thing to me – resume where I left off.
    • It’s got a very good search for subtitles. You set the language (EN / RO / whatever), and the software can automatically look for subtitles for the movies which don’t start with one already. Even if the movie has a subtitle, it can still search for new ones.
    • It’s very good at scrolling through the movie, either with clicking at the desired destination, or using keys.
    • It has simple keys (if you know the keys of WinAmp, you’ll do fine – XCVB. F for full-screen, Space for play/pause).
    • It has simple to understand menus.
    • As a setting, in Romanian, I like to set the subtitle font for Central European, which has diacritics – ș, ț, ă, â, î.
    • I watch the movies in sequences, not the whole movie at a time, so I like to set the default movie to another player (VLC, Media Player Classic). I like BS Player better, but the function for continuing the movie where I left off doesn’t work so well if I open lots of other videos.


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