Cătălin ZAHARIA – inspirational model in structured communication, for me; and top speaker

I’ll tell you in this blog post why Cătălin ZAHARIA is, to me, an inspirational model in structured communication, and also a top speaker. You can read more about Cătălin ZAHARIA on MindMaster web site, coach.ro web site, Forbes Romania, LinkedIn, Facebook.

First, a video with a song which may get into a mood to understand better the communication models I talk about below (hit CC for subtitles of the song):


1. What’s the basis of comparison?
2. At which events have I seen Cătălin ZAHARIA?
3. What makes him a model to me?
4. How can you see him?


1. What’s the basis of comparison?

Pretty much every individual tries to communicate as best as possible; so, the first basis of comparison would be every individual I’ve met;

On the other hand, I’ve seen (a lot of, I think) speakers in conferences, trainings, workshops; you can see some follow-ups on my blogs:

I liked Jim BAGNOLA‘s style of holding a conference more; I got more insights per hour :) at Bruno MEDICINA (but for different reasons, read the blog post), and I was more inspired by Eric KISH or Nigel RISNER.

But, all in all, after the day ends, Cătălin ZAHARIA is the best communicator I’ve seen; some others may inspire me more, may give me more ideas, may motivate me more, may train me better, may give me more emotions, but when you combine all of these together, I still haven’t met a better communicator than Cătălin ZAHARIA; so, things are fine.

2. At which events have I seen Cătălin ZAHARIA?

I’ve been to quite a lot of events organized by HR Club Romania, and this is how I’ve first met Cătălin ZAHARIA; events then followed, one after the other, some organized by Mind Master România, others not:

I’ll present my feed-back below;

3. What makes him a model to me?

I’ve written about emotions of Cătălin ZAHARIA here:

But let’s get back in history, to the first time I’ve met him:

In that particular day, I went to the conference very tired (I barely slept the previous night); I think the conference was in the first part of the day, and Cătălin ZAHARIA spoke last;
By that time, I was very tired, and could barely focus;
Cătălin ZAHARIA’s workshop contained „NLP” (Neuro-linguistic programming) in it, and it was an interesting subject, to me; I chose him, in favor of another workshop happening in the same time;
Cătălin ZAHARIA did a game with objects made of wood; he put a question, and made the participants think about the answer of the questions, following a coaching model; then, the answer would be associated with an wooden object; and the game continued, following a procedure;
The trouble is, not to many people took part to the game, and, after a few questions, only a handful of people seemed to be involved (in the room there were about 10 people, I think, so only 3-4 were still playing at the end of the session); the questions allowed for a lot of time to think, I was a bit anxious, things weren’t going as I expected, and I was missing a (perhaps) better workshop in another room;
I left the workshop with these ideas in mind:

  • Enthusiasm matters; lack of enthusiasm matters even more;
  • A non-engaged audience disengages me;
  • When you present a procedure for a first time, make sure it’s well understood;
  • Try to understand what participants get after the training;

Back then, I wasn’t focusing on the model of communication very much, I could barely understand what Cătălin ZAHARIA did, and I was very disappointed;

Time passed, and about one year after I took part to: Training 08 (7-9 October 2008, Marriott Hotel); I had the option of seeing Cătălin ZAHARIA again, but didn’t chose to; one should learn from the past;

I did:

more of a curiosity for NLP, than for a hope in a model of something now; „Eh, it’s a training, two days, maybe the participants won’t be so bad, why not try it?”.

I liked the training, I understood NLP & coaching better, and Cătălin ZAHARIA started to make sense to me;

I decided to do also:

Explosion! Everything changed in that training; „How could I not see anything until now?” I was amazed; I will detail below what Cătălin ZAHARIA is to me now, but first let’s end the list of public events where I’ve known Cătălin ZAHARIA; then I decided I will take the course again and only then write this blog post;

Again an event by HR Club, from the whole series of the summer school, I only went to see him; this time, my eyes were wide open;

Not that I was impressed by the presentation skills, but it was an OK presentation, and I liked being there; again, I had the option of being at a different workshop and chose this one;

I did this training with high expectations; they were met;

Now, impressions; first of all, let’s explain the issue – I didn’t like him at first:

  • With time, his skills for grabbing the attention of the audience seemed to have gotten better;
  • His presentations seem not to be about „I’ll move you, magically uplift your mood and make you feel better”, but „What’s the best approach to this situation?”;
  • I also grew through these years, and come to understand that an enthusiastic presentation is not everything;
  • I also grew in the sense that now I (consider I) can understand words & procedures better;

Why is Cătălin ZAHARIA inspirational model in structured communication, for me? And a top speaker?

I’ll answer the question by providing some notes I made at the course;

Regarding the:

I found out that my „thing” for efficiency (see the names of my blogs – Olivian.ro, Olivian.ro, both meant for efficiency) is at the very base of the NLP level – getting results in the environment;

What’s a window? To a person, it may be a safety („I can get out of the window”), to some a danger („Dangers might enter the window”); the same thing can be perceived differently by two persons;

„I take care of both you and me” – some might have a problem with picking between the two, and finding the right balance; tricky;

Let’s say you wish to change a behavior; what do you do instead of that behavior? So, if you give up a bad habit, what do you do instead of that habit?

You can look at a person and see that person change a lot via NLP; and you say – „Uuu, NLP is great”; but you might not know that that person perhaps did a lot of try and put a lot of energy into trying to change, and all that was missing was a small piece in the puzzle;

There are situations in which a person changes a lot on the interior, rather than outside; you should put questions specific to the level of the person in front of you;

Some messages can increase an action („Do more of X”), or decrease it („Stop doing X”);

You say to a person „I love you” and that person feels good, right? How about this – a person may not have had past experiences in which to experience this kind of talk before; you can say, in this situation, „I love you”, and perhaps no emotional response will be seen;

Someone yells at you; what’s the solution? One option is to yell back at that person at first (pacing), and then slowing down and talking softer and softer (leading);

Some person can have fine beliefs, but its abilities may be low;

I liked backtrack a lot:

If you look at the impact of an emotional state, you can consider that there are no „good” or „bad” state, but only states from which you can get desired results (not only goods, but also feelings and a state of well-being, perhaps), and states from which you may not get the desired results;

What helps you to enter a certain state? Both memory – remembering things – and imagination – creating a world right at that moment;

Gabriel LIICEANU said in an article that it’s not enough to read one or two books by a great philosopher to fully understand his/her ideas; there are people who study the works of an author for years, do PhDs in order to completely understand the opinions; what may seem simple, on the surface, in reality may be very profound;
Similarly, Cătălin ZAHARIA’s work with NLP and coaching took (many) years to master;

In life, being smart is a good resource; but certainly not enough for success; similarly, being able to use NLP is great, but not the only requirement for success;

Cool question – „If you would be right now in the state in which … (desired state) …, how would it be for you?”;

Cătălin ZAHARIA seems to me to have an exceptional memory;

Important note – we have all the required internal resources to reach the external objectives (within the biological limitations);

People „grow” naturally; but some people want to choose and develop via a certain path; for them, coaching NLP is a good solution;

Most people earn money by thinking; how many of them work on improving their thinking patterns? Of course, not every job is like this, but a lot of present day jobs imply thinking (management, IT).

Regarding being very enthusiastic: according to Cătălin ZAHARIA, in most of the situations in which one person performs, that person doesn’t need to be in an ecstatic state; he/she can perform very well in a regular, non-ecstatic state;

Cool thought – rarely people want to improve on performance; mostly, people want to improve on a problem; so, if X doesn’t work, a person wants to improve it; but if X works fine, a person doesn’t want to work on that;

When a child takes a decision, that child takes with the wish to take the best decision he/she could have taken;

We’re the descendants of those who chose to run away when seeing a tiger; we’re the followers of people with fears;

I got lots of insights at the workshop; lots;

Impact of the method of Coaching NLP in my life?

  • I personally apply some NLP techniques and presuppositions in my life; it’s one of the models I use in communication; or try to use;
  • Also, the coaching model for asking the right questions is helpful in making me better understand the world I live in;

I’m thinking about taking the class the third time;

What’s Cătălin ZAHARIA to me?

  • Top speaker; possibly the best speaker, overall;
  • Great in structured communication;


4. How can you see him?

Have a look at the classes offered by Mind Master România.

Note: source for the photo.

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