What I’ve learned at Inventis Forum 2010, Novotel Hotel, 2010.06.17?

On 17th of June 2010, I headed to Inventis Forum 2010, Novotel Hotel. The event was organized by Business Edu. It was the second day of the event.

My notes:

Cătălin ZAHARIA (MindMaster) – The HiPotential employee: measuring potential and success-factors based coaching

– The crisis is just another normality;
– We had different kind of „normal” in these times:

  • 2001;
  • 2007-2008;
  • 2009-2010;

„Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert EINSTEIN)

– I our minds, we have these kinds of thoughts:

  • Somatic (body / feelings) – little used in business;
  • Cognitive (body / intellect);
  • Field (relationship / system) – little used in business;

– What does COACH stand for?

  • Centering – here, in me;
  • Opening – to suggestions;
  • Attending – with awareness – to external factors;
  • Connecting – with others, cooperating, asking questions;
  • Holding – sustain, stay in that state;

Mentoring helps you get access to how managers think & act;
– Personality tests measure factors that are stable in time;
– In sales it’s good to have a good procedure when dealing with clients;
Recommended reading: Gary HAMEL – „The Future of Management”;
– If you say „I’m a busy person”, this labels your behavior;
– The idea that anyone can substantially change is a bit naive;
– At a management level, it’s very important to have a good Learning Quotient (LQ);
– LQ can be analyzed;
– Change can be:

Radu IONESCU (RDI) – Internal solutions for training & outsourcing

– The crisis leads the firms into coherent behavior;
– Personal insight: if someone talks to me, I’m more attentive than in a situation when someone talks to a group;

I’ve also taken some photos (see the slideshow in full-screen mode):

Bottom-line: a very well organized event, good speakers, lots of new ideas. The location was fine, there was Internet access, you could have bought books, very nice participant with whom to interact. Thank you Business Edu.

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