How to write quality articles on your web site?

A lot of the articles I encounter are written just to be written. They provide little value, they aren’t made to inspire me, to give me a „Wow!” feeling, to pursue me to take action. Someone needed some content on a blog/web site, and this is how the articles appeared.

What to do, instead?

Do see:

What to do if you can’t do the article yourself? Try to (speed?-)read as many blogs in your country as you can. Find some authors which you really enjoy. Contact them and ask them what would it take to publish articles on your web site.

You can also try to hire someone good at it via a job announcement, but the skill is difficult to be understood without a previous portfolio in the field.

Some articles which might inspire you:

You should also try to pay for proofreading. It’s worthwhile to have someone proofread your texts. The costs usually far outweigh the costs.

If you write in Romanian, do use special characters when writing (or use, then spellcheck your articles, then you can remove the diacritics, for SEO purposes (altough I would advise you not do so).

Also read an article on how to write well.

And another one, on attributes.

Aftab Uzzaman – Written in gold,

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