Bloggers should write timeless content on their blogs

Dragoș ROUĂ (LinkedIn) said, at a recent conference (Follow-up: Paul RENAUD and Dragoș ROUA: „Lessons in generating top line revenues and personal branding” (MBA Masterclass by Maastricht School of Management Romania, 2012.10.02): Olivian BREDA) suggested (approximate quote):

  • Bloggers should write timeless content on their blogs.

I like the thought a lot. I try to obey the rule, to some extend.

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  1. You cannot do that. At least not when writing about certain topics. I’m thinking about starting a coding blog and this is one thing that I’m certainly not going to attempt to achieve with it. Because things change and they change really fast.

    I did really cool stuff in PHP in 2010. For that time. Now some of the functions I used back then are deprecated. I was starting to use CSS3 features in 2010. Back then, I made sure I was including prefixed versions of properties everywhere. Now this isn’t needed anymore for properties like border-radius or box-shadow. When I first started using media queries, I didn’t find a single article on the web that would explain that zooming will make the site look like crap if I use px-based ones instead of em-based ones. So yeah, I’ve made that mistake…

    If I google for something specific connected to web development, I will ignore any result that’s more than a year old, because I don’t want to count on something that may not be up-to-date.

  2. Yes, a lot of stuff on technology is going to be „yesterday’s news” very soon.

    On the other hand, Dragoș writes about self -development, having motivation, being a better person. For these, you might as well read Greek classics, they’re still current.

    Thank you for the kind comment.

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