Two mistakes about the video camera & photo camera

I own these two:

The two mistakes I made while buying them?

  • I paid (around) 1,600 + 2,000 = 3,600 for the two and some extra 3-500 for extra stuff (cards, tripod). I would have been better off with a single device, which could do both movies & photos. I’m not sure how would that device look like, but this would be my bet on. So a photo + videos device would have proved better for me.
  • While in May 2012 (end of it) the price for my photo camera made it a best buy, right now I wouldn’t pick it. There are better alternatives than my camera right now (D3200, D5100, others yet).

There are degrees of mistakes, and I estimate I get 80% of what I could have gotten with other extra research. Still, it’s troubling me a bit.

Update: I thought about the above and … it doesn’t matter. At that specific time (5 months ago for the photo camera and 10 months ago for the video camera), the decision was top notch. Now it isn’t. Well, it’s rather irrelevant. I doesn’t matter that in 1997 I programmed in Pascal, rather than C++. For that time, it was a good choice.

Also, about photo lens – it still puzzles me why I would even bother to read about them. There is no free lunch, a starting good lens is worth, new, more or less, my current value of the camera body itself. It’s really pointless to think about something I don’t intend to use intensively.

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