Follow-up: Thinking about Europe. The philosophical foundations of Europe (photos, 2010.12.03)

Philosopher Enrique LYNCH had a dialogue with Horia-Roman PATAPIEVICI, at the Cultural Institute of Romania, Bucharest, 3rd of December, 2010.

Photos from the event:

At the conference I got these ideas:

  • In the past I attended various conferences at which Horia-Roman PATAPIEVICI spoke; while at that time I usually had problems with understanding some words said, last evening I had problems focusing on ideas; so, perhaps, I improved my vocabulary, and now the real focus is on ideas;
  • It was very interesting to see a different opinion, by Enrique LYNCH, to what the Europe means; very interesting approach, and different ideas than those with which I’m used to;

PS: I’ve previously written about Horia-Roman PATAPIEVICI here:

Horia-Roman PATAPIEVICI – The writer I admire most in this life.

You can also read this article on

Patapievici: Ca romani, noi am fost situati in permanenta la periferie / Enrique Lynch: Istoria Europei este istoria luptelor fratricide. Adevarata traditie europeana este razboiul tribal.

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