Follow-up: What have I learned at the International conference Solution Focused – SOL World 2010, 2010.05.05-08, Ramada Parc Hotel?

From 6th of May until 8th of May 2010 I took part to the International conference SOL World 2010, held at Ramada Parc Hotel. The event also had a pre-conference seminar, on 5th of May. The event was organized by Business Edu.

Pictures from the event (see full-screen)

Videos from the event

What have I learned?

1. What new things have I learned about solution focus in particular? (from A. to F.)

A. Good way of phrasing if-then-else situation for positive things (use of When): When it will be better, what will you do?
Bad way of phrasing if-then-else situation for positive things (use of If): If it will be better, what will you do?
Good way of phrasing if-then-else situation for negative things (use of If): If you do bad, what will happen?
Conclusion: use „When” instead of „If” most of the times, except for the times when you express negative things;

B. Let’s say we have this current situation:

One has to lose weight – for example, 20 Kg; he has already lost a few kilograms;
How does one look at the current situation? One solution is this:

, where you look at the future and you see that you have sooooo much to go from now;
Another solution (a better one perhaps?) would be this:

Where you look at what you’ve already accomplished; this should diminish the pressure and work on the good positive result;

C. Help others! It will do you good;

D. „In the beginning there was the deed” (quite a nice adaption, I should say); this would imply that words are formed after an action – idea based on the works of Ludwig WITTGENSTEIN;

E. There is no body-mind gap; it’s all just one thing;

F. High hope people tend to take small steps, not large at ones;

2. What new things have I noticed, that will help me in my work? (from A. to F.)

A. At a new project do a initial meeting with the stakeholders; so, let’s say you have a new project based on child care; you should meet with the providers of childcare, with parents; if time allows it, even meet with some children to receive their input also; but do stay in touch with all (or as many as possible from the) stakeholders;

B. Instead of using „learn” (with some negative connotations), use „get better at” (everyone wants to get better at something!);

C. Individual leaders can be formed based on one particular advantage; let’s say one is in a team and is better with words; that person could lead teams on making reports, conceiving slogans, checking for typos, etc.; it’s better that in a team each individual focus on what that individual does best;

D. Visit more foreign countries;

E. When you bring a chair into a room, after everyone entered and you would otherwise have to stand, it’s better to bring two, it never knows (this one is very practical, I must say);

F. When writing web site reviews, it’s better to write things that are useful to the receiver, rather than to yourself; put yourself in the other person’s shoes;

What have I liked best at the event? (from A. to F.)

First of all, this is a very solution focused question.

I liked:
A. The members of the Romanian team wore scarves, which made them easy to identify by the participants from other countries;

B. It was a very funny, gentle and relaxed atmosphere; so pleasant to participate in such community and groups;

C. The location was boy-oh-boy so nice! Very good!

D. Lots of fun at the karaoke part!

E. The dance by the children at Casa Doina restaurant was so cool;

F. In the last two days each trainer who held a workshop held a less-than-a-minute speech about the workshop about to be held; very good idea, great to know beforehand what’s the theme of the workshop, and have some idea on the atmosphere; very nice!

Bottom line: very nice event, great participants, excellent speakers. I was lucky to take part to the event.

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  1. pictures/ videos from the event
    he has already lost a few kilograms
    what did I like best at the event
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