How to memorize a phone number?

Let’s say you’re in a cab, you don’t have your cell phone with you, and you need to memorize a phone number the cab driver gives you.

How to do it?

In Romania, we have some major telecommunication providers, so, for example, 0743- would belong to Orange, while 0724- would belong to Vodafone.

The lines of separation got very blurry once a person can move the phone number to another provider with ease, but, still, there are some general rules (at least in my mind).

So, the first step – associate the phone number with the provider.

Then, for each provider, remember just the final digit – So 0743, the last digit is 3 (it can differ from the same provider, they might have 0741, 0742, and so on).

For the remaining 6 digits, try and form some associations. „1 less than the birthday of”. „Double of a bad luck number”. „The first two and last two digits are similar due to”.

In my opinion, it’s much easier to remember a rule between digits, rather than try and memorize 6 unique digits.

Adam Y Zhang - Legendary Number ( 传奇号码 )
Adam Y Zhang – Legendary Number ( 传奇号码 ),

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