Number one criteria for sorting – Top Sales

For me, the top criteria for sorting the products in a category of an online store should be „Top Sales”.

Yes, there are other criteria (best rating, the newest added, alphabetically, by price).

And, of course, people should also be able to filter, not only to sort.

But to go into a category of an online store and not see the option of sorting via top sales is a huge miss for the store.

Imagine going to an actual store. You see three types of milk, with similar pricing. Wouldn’t you want to know which product has the most sales, and which people tend to skip?

If I am to choose a keyboard, I go to an online store’s website, pick a category, and sort by top sales. The top products in the list are likely to have a product I need.

That’s the main difference between an online and a physical store – access to data about customers/sales.

Be a nice company and also give me data like this, it really helps with the process of buying.

Dennis Sylvester Hurd - Slow Sales
Dennis Sylvester Hurd – Slow Sales,

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