Cum vezi filme la cinema (sau, oricum, proiectate) gratuit în București?

BAU, Sunt două soluții să vezi filme la cinema (sau, oricum, proiectate) gratuit în București: Există ONG-uri care fac proiecții de filme, gratuite (exemplu: MAKE A POINT BLOG); Participi la concursuri (Cum găsești concursuri online în România?), ca de exemplu concursurile de pe: FILME TARI NOI 2011/2010 RECOMANDARI FILMETARI; Succes.

The only solution to life – fast & intense

You can live your life in various ways; I am rather radical when I say that you must live it intense & keep things fast. Are there counter examples? Praying should be slow; eating should be done slower; some sports require relaxation, rather than intense concentration; doing things fast can lead to mistakes. But, overall, I consider that a fast & intense life is the way to go.

Hello! (on Skype)

First, let’s start with a song to get us into the mood: Now, for the serious business. :) If you say “Hello!” on Yahoo! Messenger and the person is not online, the message gets sent to the person only when that person comes online. You may or you may not be online at that specific time. On Google Chat, the message gets sent as an email. On Skype, things are different, though – you can say “Hello!” and the message will only be sent when both of the persons are online. So, if you want to talk to someone who rarely uses Skype, you can just open its profile, say “Hello!”, and, when both of you are online, the message will be sent. Cool, huh?