Some aspects about life

  • Some people want next-day delivery. To me, this is questionable. Yes, I do prefer a product is delivered as quickly as possible, yes I do worry about the state of the product, yes I do worry that the order might actually never reach me, but it’s not that problematic.
  • Some social networks and online platforms are more popular in some countries than others.
  • Although I don’t like them that much, I see that:
    • WhatsApp, as a communication platform, is really a thing. To me, the fact that it’s rather difficult to copy & paste a chat makes the communication rather unpleasant.
    • Facebook Groups have a good audience. It’s always a question to me – why do people prefer it to blogs, where you can search old messages much easier?
    • On Instagram a lot of posts seem perishable. You post something, and if you have a good activity in there, after a few months it’s gone. In two years, it’s almost for sure disappeared.
  • I don’t like bureaucracy, at all.
  • Some people feel they are entitled.
  • It’s difficult to prove someone wrong if they won’t accept a mistake.
  • I think that there aren’t enough procedures in a lot of systems I meet, from school, to private organizations. Even if bureaucracy is not to be wished, procedures actually might help reduce it.
  • It’s better to plan something, solve it, then it is to leave it up until the last moment.
  • If you do postpone things until the last moment, don’t do them in a hurry. Take your time.
  • I see some organizations where people aren’t motivated to work unless carefully supervised.
  • At times, I see people caring about the close circle of acquaintances around them/family, but not about the society, as a whole.
  • It’s so easy and nice to be lazy. One of the most pleasant things.
  • If you get bored, it’s better for the productivity to just „lose” one minute or two not doing anything than to „gain” time on social networks for 3 minutes.
  • Ice cream and chemical compounds. I see some people worrying that their ice cream contains additives. While, surely, a natural ice cream is better than a chemical one, it’s still a product with lots of sugar.
  • I’ve met some people loving their work. Not because they are paid a lot, but because they love their job. This happened quite a lot in London.

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