On picking a conference to go to

There are three events in the following weeks which caught my attention:

There would have been years in the past when I would have thought like this:

  • Zilele Biz –  great event, great speakers, great location; go, go, go;
  • Jung – perhaps they’ll speak in complicated language; and I don’t know some speakers;
  • ISOC – I don’t know most of the speakers; and it’s also very serious, no fun;
But today I think like this:
The message of this message is that tastes change, and now I want diversity far more than in the past; I also look for models; finally, boring is not that boring; finally, it’s not necessarily an evolution, just something new. :)

P.S.: Also see: La ce conferințe / training-uri / workshop-uri / seminarii din România să participi? Cum alegi? Experiențe personale – Fii eficient!

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