Notes after a workshop


After a recent workshop (by Fundatia Calea Victoriei), some notes.

1 – Sine
2 – Animus-Anima (complexul contra-sexual)
3 – Umbra
4 – Eul
5 – Persona (masca socială; toate lucrurile externe, inclusiv lucrurile pe care le considerăm identitate)

In ancient Greece, hetaerae were courtesans, that is to say, highly educated, sophisticated companions. They are often regarded by people today as simple prostitutes, which is an incorrect assumption, although most of them did, in fact, have sexual relations with their patrons. (source – Hetaera – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Descending into the Inferno is similar to the descent into subconscious.

It’s hard for people to take pain, since we were created for joy. You can learn something from the pain.

And we had a homework, which I did long time ago (O întâmplare frumoasă din viața mea – Fii eficient! – the title is misleading, it’s not a very nice story).

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