How to make a nice slider for a web site?

On a lot of web sites you can see a very nice slider; what’s good about it and how can it be further improved?

Good things?

  • Very clear „previous” and „next” button;
  • The photos are big, you can easily see things;
  • On my computer the animation runs very fast, the web site loads well;
  • There si plenty of text on the side of the photos;
  • When I click on the image, the image zooms in and I can see a larger detail;

What can be improved?

  • I would love the option of a „play” button, with an automatic slideshow, although this may complicate things further;
  • I don’t know the number of images in the slideshow;
  • I don’t know when I’ve reached the end of the loop;
  • When I click on the image, the image zooms in; while this may sound great, I would much rather prefer to find some details on the product, instead;

As a conclusion, I think the slider of the above web sites is pretty well made.

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