How to link the web sites together?

Have a look at a network of web site. They’re connected one to another; how have they done it?

Good ideas:

  • What I like best about their method is that they varied the links on each web site – the number of links, order of links, and links themselves are different from one to another; so, not all of the web sites link to all of the other web sites; that’s great;
  • What’s even better is that the order of the links in the menu is not a random function; so, the links do not have a random order by an algorithm (using rand() function in PHP, for example); instead, the links are randomly placed one time, and left this way; Google will probably not see this as manipulative;
  • The web sites have different designs;

Things to improve:

  • I would have preferred the anchor text to be different from one site to another;
  • Another thing to vary is the destination link; it should not always be the homepage, instead it could be an inner page;
  • The placement of links in the footer is not that great, I would suggest either sidebar or a dedicated internal page for those links;
  • The links are dark gray on light gray; it’s pretty close to being spammy;
  • It would have been better for the web sites to have a different structure / layout, not only different colors;
  • Using Reverse IP Lookup – Find Other Web Sites Hosted on a Web Server, I found out that the web sites are hosted on the same server, and are no less than 148 domains on the same server; not that great; it would have been better to have different data in here;
  • Using RoTLD – Romanian Top Level Domain I found out that the web sites have similar registrar information; also, not good, it would have been better to have different domain information;


Bottom line: All in all, a relatively well made network of web sites.

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