How did I feel at the Social Quality Event?

On the 28th of May I took part at the Social Quality Event (SQE), organized at Residence Cerisiers Hotel.

What did I like in there?
a. Great socializing;
b. Lots of people with charisma;
c. I had a lot of fun;
d. Rules were explained nicely;
e. Did problems occur? Yes; Were they solved nicely? Yes again;
f. SQE really matched the “quality” label;
g. The procedure was tightly followed.

What would I do better?
a. Start earlier (perhaps I’m the only one saying this, but I would have preferred a bit earlier);
b. More than 5 minutes per session?
c. More people?
d. An interactive map with the location of the event?
e. A lot of information with people who attend the event;
f. A warm-up session (energizer?);
g. Some contests to win an invitation to the event.

All-in-all I had a lovely time and it was lots of fun.

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