Tips on email marketing and surveys

Some tips on email marketing and surveys:

  • When doing a survey, consider including an option like „I don’t know/I can’t answer” and another one, „I will type my answer here”; thus, you’ll be more likely to encourage more responses;
  • It’s good to ask visitors to leave you feedback – reviews; ask for reviews on your own site rather than leaving them on external sites;
  • You can also do small surveys – micro surveys funnel of emails;
  • If someone leaves your shopping cart, it’s good to send an email with an automated message with a voucher; some people might even forget to add the voucher and still make the order;
  • You should send some emails to new customers;
  • Don’t forget to email older clients;
  • If someone doesn’t visit your website for a while, you could send a reminder email;
  • You can offer some vouchers based on responses;
  • Always make sure your emails are responsive;
  • It’s good to include a message: „share this on WhatsApp”;
  • When sending a promo message, also send a teaser beforehand;
  • It’s very important to work on the subject line;
  • If you send segmented/personalized emails, you’ll have a better conversion rate;
  • It’s a good idea to use GIFs in emails;
  • Use big fonts in emails.

I got this idea from Alex Cimpoca – Founder & Digital Genie @ MKOR Growth at Marketing Waves (2023.04.06, Mamaia, Constanța).

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