On eating healthy (also, for diets)

I like to follow a few nutritionists/people with studies on eating healthy.

Below are some thoughts on eating healthy / losing weight.

How can I tell if someone is vegetarian (or vegan)? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you!

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An article, in Romanian – Schimbător de vieți? Despre zahăr, video în engleză, 90 minute (cu alternative de non-vizionare) – Blog de Olivian Breda.

Another one: Recomandare dr. Nicoleta Lupascu – Medic Primar Diabet și Nutriție – Blog de Olivian Breda.

And one in English – My recommended solutions on eating healthy – Blog de Olivian Breda.

Some links from the above articles:

Some tips on the above links:

  • Sometimes, you’ll need to be able to read between the lines. Dr. Mihaela Bilic sometimes says some very powerful things, but if you watch a lot of videos with her, you might notice that sometimes she says the opposite. Is she wrong? No, but you’ll need to be able to discern what piece of advice to take from two different opinions. I think videos with her should only be watched after you set up some basis.
  • About Dr. Mihaela Bilic – other people criticize her. My opinion on the topic – I think she speaks for an advanced audience. Instead of saying: „You should live healthily and do A, B, C as an exception.” She says, „A is fine”. If you listen to her a lot, you’ll find out that she treats „A is fine” as an exception. But she considers she talks to an advanced audience and doesn’t say, „OK, do A only as an exception”. She does say it, but not every two sentences. So, if you take „A is fine” out of context, you might get to the wrong impression.
  • Basic stuff I do:
    • Start with a Mediterranean diet;
    • Apply the principles from Unhappy Meals – Michael Pollan Michael Pollan;
    • Do some intermittent fasting;
    • Avoid sugar;
    • For mindset – keep in mind the word – „discipline”; use it as opposed to „restriction”;
    • For being healthy – sleep matters;
    • For losing weight only – eat fewer calories;
    • For losing weight only – eat fewer carbohydrates;
    • For losing weight only – eat fewer fruits;
    • For losing weight only – try some apple vinegar;
    • Personal preference only – try to be flexitarian;
  • In the above list, I try go from up to down; so, first of all, start with a Mediterranean diet; only then focus on other things.

As a special note – there are two types of diets: one is for eating healthy, the other one is for losing weight. You can have a healthy diet and lose weight, but some things required for losing weight are not necessarily healthy.

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PS, 2024.03.11: Dr. Robert Lustig: How Sugar & Processed Foods Impact Your Health – YouTube.

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