How to Raise a Creative Child? (and a personal twist)

Note: The current article has been written more than 5 years ago!

I was worried today, I had thoughts, I had dark emotions, I was nervous.

And then I read this:

How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off – The New York Times

“So what does it take to raise a creative child? One study compared the families of children who were rated among the most creative 5 percent in their school system with those who were not unusually creative. The parents of ordinary children had an average of six rules, like specific schedules for homework and bedtime. Parents of highly creative children had an average of fewer than one rule.

Creativity may be hard to nurture, but it’s easy to thwart. By limiting rules, parents encouraged their children to think for themselves. They tended to “place emphasis on moral values, rather than on specific rules,” the Harvard psychologist Teresa Amabile reports.

Even then, though, parents didn’t shove their values down their children’s throats.”

I felt like in this video:

You know how to read, you ignorant f..k?
Oh, honey, you shouldn’t.

(these are my current emotions, like a long-awaited success / revenge / win)

The song which describes my emotions is this:

After years of doing things differently, finally, an article praises innovation.

I did all sorts of different things, from photos, to blogging, to drawing doodles, to taking part to events, to meeting all sorts of people. And now I find out there’s a strong point in this.

Loved it!

I’m really happy now. :)

Alban Gonzalez - Am I alone ?,
Alban Gonzalez – Am I alone ?,
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