Ads with a heart

In Romania, I’ve heard some times ago that ads that are emotional, with soul, are remembered better than those that speak about logic and demonstrations.

And what do a lot of advertisers do? They put a heart in their ads.

Lots of ads with a heart:

  • We save you money, not love – a supermarket.
  • The drugstore of the heart.
  • For the heart of Romanians – a beer.
  • Chocolate in the shape of a heart.
  • Print hearts and put them in a window – an additive to soups.
  • Health from the heart of Dacia – medicinal plants.

The list is surely bigger, but I don’t watch as many ads as I used to do.

The issue with all these? They’re mostly cognitive, not emotional.

Even if you say „This is from the heart”, this does not make the message emotional.

„From Russia, with love” (1963 movie) does have some emotional connections (Russia, love). But, still, it’s rather rational.

It’s not enough, in my opinion, to take the heart, put it in an ad – voilà, you have an emotional message.

Emotions come from memories (recalling an emotional event, like the connection with Russia, above), or from stories („with love” will remind you of other times when people told you a thing like that).

Crusty Da Klown - Bleeding Heart
Crusty Da Klown – Bleeding Heart,
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