Shrek vs. The dream princesses

Some consider that Shrek wasn’t a success:

“The fairytale comedy was a hit with critics and audiences but its toilet humour, glibness and shoddy animation mark it out as a misfire”. (Shrek at 20: an unfunny and overrated low for blockbuster animation | Animation in film | The Guardian)

When you compare Shrek with the dream-like princesses, to me some things are worth mentioning:

  • Shrek didn’t do much self-improvement. Sure, as in any movie, the main hero wants to improve on a specific thing. But, all-in-all, Shrek was happy with not succeeding. Not great, but happy.
  • On another hand, most of Disney princesses focus on being almost perfect, like a dream. They focus on self-improvement a bit too much. Great, but, perhaps, less happy.
  • What’s the solution? Get the best out of both worlds. You do need to become better, you can’t just be happy with your state. On another hand, you can accept some things are they are and fully enjoy life.

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