Follow-up: Webstock 11, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, 2011.09.23

On, 2011.09.23, at JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest, took place Webstock 2011. I was invited by Cristian MANAFU.

Below you’ll find my notes, photos and a video I made, and, finally, other reactions.

A. My notes

(note on my notes – they’re not 100% exact quotes)

Cabral IBACKA (

– It’s useful not only to broadcast, but to know, to really know your audience;
– You should never stop learning new things;
– You can learn a lot from a personal experience;
– In only you may get used to not listen, and thus start making mistakes;
– A lot of people are not used to argument a critical thought;
– After receiving a critical thought, we may be afraid of an argument;
– Prediction – real communication will be made in small circles;
– In one-to-may communication the feedback disappears;

Christen KROGH (Opera: Speakers corner)

– In 1400’s you could have read everything that was written in your area of living prior to this time;
– The Internet connects & changes us;
– One third of world’s population has Internet access – there is a huge potential for growth;

Vlad PETREANU (Amar de Zi — un blog de Vlad Petreanu)

– Prediction: Google TV (or systems similar to it) will spread wider in the following years;
– Prediction: the public chooses, consciously or not, the truth, sooner or later;

Alex BRIE ( – Home)

– If you want to make money online, applications for Apple’s App Store, Nokia Store, Android Store are a good start;
– You can also create applications for tablets, not only smartphones;

B. Photos and a video

Photos (full-screen option):Ivan PATZAICHIN presents stories from his career, at Webstock 11:

C. Other online reactions

Bottom line: very nice event, lots of things to learn.

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