Using influencer media in products

Let’s say you’re a company working with influencers. You hire people to post on their social media about your products.

One way to handle this is not to use the content the influencers create in any way.

But there’s another way – you could include information from them on your own social media accounts and your product pages.

So, if they create a photo of them using your product, you can share that photo on your social media accounts and also add it to the image gallery of your product.

Of course, you’ll need to agree about this right from the beginning and give credit.

There’s a study that says that:

With five experimental studies, we determine that women exhibit greater purchase intentions for products displayed in a rich contextual setting rather than a plain white background, but men are not positively affected by this display strategy.  (What women want? How contextual product displays influence women’s online shopping behavior – ScienceDirect)

So, seeing your products in a realistic environment might increase their likelihood of being bought.

I got this idea from Mihai Bocai – CEO @ Flaminjoy at Marketing Waves (2023.04.06, Mamaia, Constanța).

Marketing Waves (2023.04.06, Mamaia, Constanța)

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