A cool trick for Google Chrome users

In Mozilla FireFox one of the cool features is „search & go”; so, I go to the address bar and type something: „wikipedia”, instead of „en.wikipedia.org”; FireFox does a cool trick – it searches on Google for „Wikipedia” and does an „I’m feeling lucky” button hit (so, if I search for Wikipedia, it’s obvious I want to go the web site; if I type something that’s ambiguous, Google will do a search for me and present me the results);

In Chrome, I want to do the same thing – type something in the address bar, do a search for it, and go to the first result;


– Open Google Chrome;
– New tab;
– Right click on the address bar;
– Edit search engines;
– At „Add a new search engine” give it a name (like „Google Instant Search”), then for „Keyword” choose what you want to type before the search query (I put „>”) and for the URL put „http://www.google.com/search?q=%s&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky” (no quotes);

No open a new tab and type:
„> Wikipedia” (notice that between „>” and the search string you need to leave an empty space or hit TAB);

Hit Enter and you are lead to the first Google result for „Wikipedia”



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