The limits of infinity

  • “How was it? It was infinite pleasure. It was everything. Infinite. Nothing more can be said. There’s no better word to describe this – it is infinite”.
  • “How big is it? It’s huge, enormous. It’s infinite. Nothing more can be imagined more than this.”

You may look at the above two sentences and think they’re right:

  • You can’t find a better adjective to describe size. It’s infinite, right? This is the maximum word.
  • You can’t imagine something more than infinite. If one imagines infinite, that’s as much as it goes.

I will disagree with both affirmations:

  • Your vocabulary is limited. Yes, “infinite” is very much, but only when you compare it to the words you know. From the known vocabulary, “infinite” is the biggest adjective. But there are unspoken words, indescribable feelings, things that can’t be put into sentences because the words don’t exist. There is something more than infinite, even though you can’t express it easily. You just have to invent it.
  • You can imagine two infinities. Try it. One infinity, two infinities. Now go for three. Now go for an infinity of infinities. The mind can perceive this. Not easily, but it can. Finally, you can continue the string of “an infinity of infinities of infinities of infinities of …” forever. The mind has this ability, even though, mathematically, it’s illogical.

So, there is such a concept which is bigger than infinity, although you can’t say it, and you can imagine something more than infinite.

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  1. I believe “infinity” is the word describing all that the mind cannot embrace. It’s like saying “I don’t and cannot know all that lies beyond. I surrender. How should I call this helplessness of my mind? …Infinity”

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