Technical specifications – are they clear enough?

Note: The current article has been written more than 8 years ago!

If I had an online store, I’d look into how the technical specifications are written.

There are ways to write specifications, to make them clearer.

For example, don’t write:

  • Rez. senzor (Mp):14.2

, but, instead, write:

  • Rezoluția senzorului: 14,2 Megapixeli. (?)

Things to do:

  • Avoid abbreviations. Instead of “MP”, write “Megapixels”, or the equivalent word (“Megapixeli”).
  • There is a difference between writing one point two in English and in Romanian: 1.2 (En) vs. 1,2 (Ro). Use this difference.
  • I would love to have, at mouseover, an explanation of what a certain word means.
  • I would try to put the most important technical specifications at the top. You do the work of selecting to the user.
  • Avoid translating, and try to explain the specifications to the user.
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