Keeping a blog – niche or broad?

Friday I went to Webstock 2012.
Two oppositve views:

  • According to Costin COCIOABĂ, you should find our niche and keep it ruthlessly. Find an idea, plan it, stick to the plan. Răzvan PASCU also focuses on niches.
  • Adrian CIUBOTARU has the opposite approach: he writes on just about any subject. Although more targeted, Cristian CHINA-BIRTA also tends to write on a general note.

Which solution is the good one?

It might surprise you, but I think you can do well with both of these solutions. First of all, look at the above examples – all four are successful bloggers (in their niche, I might add :) ).

I used to think “hmm, if you don’t have a niche, you’ll not make it”. I’m not so sure nowadays.

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  • Ela

    2 October 2012 - 00:44

    I believe in something a little bit different: combining two niches. It’s broad enough for me not to get tired with the subject and specific enough to become an authority in the field.

  • Olivian BREDA

    2 October 2012 - 07:26

    This sounds OK. :)

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