Usefulness of listening to stupid things

Sometimes, I listen to stupid things. People tell me things which I don’t adhere to. But I get good insights out of them.

Recently, a person told me I am upset.

Technically, I wasn’t:

  • I learned to behave joyfully even when I’m sad.
  • I learned to smile and be polite, even when something troubles me.
  • At that specific moment, I felt relaxed and in a warm atmosphere.
  • At that point, I recently had some good laughs.

And, all of a sudden, someone tells me – “You’re upset”.

An assertion with which I’d adhere would be:

  • There are things which easily bug you.
  • You react quickly, you tend to be nervous, even when you are in a relaxed atmosphere.

But had the assertion been “correct”, the “right” one, I wouldn’t have had the insights.

In chess, you may do a wrong move, but the opponent may bluff even more, and you might win the game. You did OK for winning the game, or did you do bad for doing the wrong move?

Can a dead patient which was applied the “right” treatment considered to be a success story?

My conclusion – stupid things, said with passion, can trigger some things within you. It’s OK to discount them as “this is stupid!”, but it’s also worth checking for solutions starting from the wrong type of a problem.

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