Some thoughts after a workshop


A few ideas after a workshop:

  • At some time in the Bible, some Apostles are told to bring the fish to the surface. At other times, they are told they will be made fishermen of real people (thus, the fishes are associated with people). What does it mean to bring the fish to the surface? It may imply that the real value of a person, its soul & spirituality resides hidden in waters, and it can only be made visible by trying hard.
  • I noticed I mirror other person’s body positions. So, if X leans forward, I lean forward. If X leans back, I lean back. On the other hand, I do not mirror ideas, quite the contrary, I have a tendency to oppose them.
  • Sometimes, when I disagree with someone, I say something like „Yes, …” and continue with saying the opposite of what X says. So the „Yes” part is a bit misleading. But easier to take.
  • Good book (perhaps):

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