Simple / complex decisions

You may want to watch the following video:

through this paradigm:

  • The first instincts & thoughts about wolves are negative (they are killers, they are hunted by few animals, themselves, their social structures are closer to Mafia than Old-village-with-nice people, they’re aggressive and dangerous to humans).
  • The movie first starts by telling you some reasons on which the wolves actually do some good (they kill deer, which helps the vegetation, but they also make deer stay away completely from vast areas, in which they can be caught easily).
  • Then the movie gives some implications of saving vegetation → birds appear → then some rodents → then other birds, for those rodents → then some castors → then some bears, eating berries → then more deer get decimated, by the bears.
  • But the movie also shows that vegetation has a deeper impact – due to river banks being influenced by the vegetation, some rivers change their course / stay on their course more, depending on the vegetation just brought up by wolves. Thus, wolves influence the direction of rivers.

It’s a big difference between the first impulses & thinking the situation over. First instinct is based on primary emotions, thinking requires more cognitive functions (primary emotions, also). More than this, by deeply analyzing a situation (or studying previous situations), you can get to very powerful insights (wolves change the banks of rivers).

In some management decisions, things are based on simple thinking (I apply this rule – “wolves are bad” / “delegation is key” / “do coaching”). The better solution is to try & have a broader understanding of the situation. It’s simpler to have a compass which always tells you – “go by south-south-east, always, but always” / “kill wolves” / “try and empower people”. But good management decisions generally take a deeper understanding. Sometimes, you need data from the field, so a huge research can be blown away by the situation on the field. On the other hand, deciding the fate of a project by always picking SSE as a route, is not the way to go. Adrian Stanciu says it much better (RO).

Walt Stoneburner - Compass | Flickr
Walt Stoneburner – Compass,

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