Small tip: use your photo in your email signature

Photographs increases conversion rate:

They also create more trust, by making you real:

Can you use them in e-mail, though?

GPeC Summit 2014, Ziua 3 000-mic

The big problem with photos in signatures is that they might trigger SPAM filters. It will not happen always, but there’s a chance your email will get caught by SPAM filters.
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Also, an image, even one with a small resolution and compressed, will add up and occupy more space than a plain text email.

Despite these disadvantages, I think that the pro reasons listed the beginning of this email should be more important. To me, having a photo in the email signature makes sense.

Yes, you should manually remove your signature when you send a very small text. Yes, email signature and sending emails to lots of people at once don’t mix well. But, in most cases, the pro reasons are more important than the con ones.

Don’t you just love it when you can connect with someone by seeing that person (see the above photo – don’t you have a connection with the people looking?)?

I’ve seen this practice first at Valentin Radu in a conversation following his GPeC presentation. Thanks!

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