On Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

I just finished seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) – IMDb.


Most of the reasoning for me watching the movie had to do with the fact that I used to watch those cartoons when I was a child. I just had to see it.

Some feed-back?

  • The original cartoons were friendly and warm. The new ones are cool, but much more aggressive.
  • The music soundtrack is fine.
  • I especially liked the part when the TMNT start singing some tune in an elevator.
  • The pumped muscles are just too much. They get adrenaline and are able to break a cage. To me, this is not logical – how much power can you get? Also, what’s with the big red button with Adrenaline on it?
  • I liked the fact that the characters are much more separated than in the cartoon. They each have an individual style.
  • The weapons are rather silly.
  • The dork turtle is too dorky. It’s rather aggressive in his style.
  • To me, the big problem with the movie is that there’s no finesse. Everything is so abrupt and into your face. It’s too much.
  • I like the scene where, with a stick, a car gets thrown away. Very cool.
  • The 5 minutes countdown is so so so cliché.
  • In order to solve a conflict, the characters insist, rather than find creative solutions.
  • What’s the point of the doctor to tell April he killed her father? Why create an enemy out of blank?
  • April gives some very very stupid evidence to state her news to the agency. When she is proven right, you start to doubt your sense of logical thinking. How lame is that?
  • We have some poor songs in Romania, called “manea”. That’s what the movie is – a “manea”. Low low everything.
  • I listened recently to some carols in Romanian. You can have cult, worked-hard carols, and you can have simple, no-work carols. Those were the second kind. Aggressive, unprepared, simple, in-your-face. That’s what the movie is.
  • They ignore the police. The first thing they do after being out is to try to solve things on themselves, no calling he police.
  • Little time is given to subtleties:
    • When TMNT are given the weapons, only two receive them. No time for more.
    • When Splinter is saved from the illness, little to nothing is shown on his recovery. Very fast, very quick. Nothing else.
  • Shredder is a good fighter. He is defeated so silly, it’s almost embarrassing.


Aplicații smartphone pentru Android

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No more insights from modern movies!

I recently saw lots of movies, like:

I got an insight from the last movie I saw.

But that’s the problem!

Very few insights, considering the number of movies I saw.

Let’s take the list again:

There’s a big list above and the most important insight I got was “No one’s 100% a dick”. Not exactly Christmas, as a quote from James Bond says.

(James Bond: [on receiving his equipment from Q.] A gun and a radio. It’s not exactly Christmas, is it?Q: Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore. (source))

I really had higher expectations from this.

Andrei Pleșu says when you read, you need to start with some questions. That’s why you can’t recommend a book to anyone, you need to know the person:

Nu poți face sugestii de lectură decât celor pe care îi cunoști, cărora le știi “felul”, tulburările, cautările, și apetiturile. Fiecare vârstă își are țesătura ei, fiecare individ umam are o chimie interioară care nu se poate sistematiza. (Despre frumusețea uitată a vieții)

And he says more:

În ce mă priveşte, cred că lectura matură şi fertilă este lectura dictată de un orizont de interogativitate propriu. Ai o întrebare anumită, ai o preocupare dominantă şi citeşti pentru a căuta repere, provocări ajutătoare, soluţii. Citeşti în plasa unei problematici antecedente. O asemenea lectură orientată are cel puţin două avantaje: (1) e superior selectivă, te ghidonează în labirintul descurajant al bibliotecii şi (2) pune ordine chiar şi în ceea ce poate fi, la un moment dat, lectură întîmplătoare. Cînd ai obsesivitatea bună a unei întrebări vii, tot ce-ţi cade în mînă poate fi revelator, de la ziar la roman, de la roman la tratat. (source)

I don’t know, right now I’m really not a big fan of flick-flack action-I-want-to-be-popular movies. I still have a few on my list to watch, but I’m very disappointed.

The biggest problem? They want to make something which doesn’t work (a 6-grade movie on IMDb) and do it better. But not by giving insights, but by making the script smarter and the jokes funnier. But that’s not why I watch movies.

I need to reconsider.


Olivian Breda – Basic SEO (VIP Romania, 2014.11.21)

În data de 21 noiembrie 2014, am susținut prezentarea pe tema “Basic SEO” pentru VIP Romania.


Mai jos, imagini de la eveniment, prezentarea și înregistrarea video.





[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”100050990853086188413″ ualb=”6134181362205645713″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”bookshelf” row=”2″ size=”640″ num=”100″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]
Vezi album Picasa: Olivian Breda – Basic SEO (VIP Romania, 2014.11.21) – Olivian Breda – Picasa Web Albums.
Vezi album Facebook: Olivian Breda – Basic SEO (VIP Romania, 2014.11.21).

Follow-up: Prof.dr. Pavel Chirilă – “Există un stil de viață ortodox?” (2014.11.16, Biserica Sfinții Chiril și Metodiu)

Duminică, 16 noiembrie 2014, domnul doctor Pavel Chirilă a prezentat cărțile: “Prevenirea cancerului” şi “Întâmplări din Biserică şi Spital“.

D-l dr. Pavel Chirilă a vorbit despre importanța alimentației sănătoase asupra trupului, punând accentul pe modul de prevenire a cancerului, boala fatală a ultimului secol. Deosebit de importantă este contribuția domniei sale la tratarea cancerului prin deschiderea primului centru de îngrijire oncologică din România – Clinica Nera.

000 - (5)-mic000 - (5)-mic

Mai jos, imagini și video de la eveniment.

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Ghid Black Friday 2014 – ce să cumperi?, de unde?, cum a fost anii trecuți?, ce observații personale am?

De ce să cumperi de Black Friday?

eMAG nu a obtinut profit de Black Friday, daca se iau in calcul absolut toate cheltuielile, insa marele castig va fi pe termen lung cand compania poate atrage clienti noi si ii poate fideliza pe cei vechi datorita reducerilor din Vinerea Neagra, a spus intr-un interviu pentru HotNews.ro directorul general al companiei, Iulian Stanciu.” (sursa, o știre despre ediția din 2012)


Mai jos, sfaturi de-ale mele pe tema Black Friday 2014.

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