Ce device să îți cumperi pentru a naviga pe Internet 10 ore pe săptămână?

Am un amic care vrea să cumpere un device pentru a naviga pe Internet aproximativ 5-20 de ore pe săptămână, undeva în marja asta.

Aparent, toate drumurile duc fie la tabletă ». Dacă mai cauți un pic, găsești netbook-uri » (un exponent al cărora sunt Chromebook-urile »).

Vă provoc un pic în articolul ăsta, și vă zic că, deși niciuna din lucrurile de mai sus nu e o alegere neapărat greșită, ai opțiuni mai bune (OK, și răspund și amicului meu, fie!, m-ați prins).

Eris Stassi - Internet, 5 minutes, $1.00, https://flic.kr/p/4L9d99Eris Stassi - Internet, 5 minutes, $1.00, https://flic.kr/p/4L9d99
Eris Stassi – Internet, 5 minutes, $1.00, https://flic.kr/p/4L9d99

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Guest post: Ce faci cu telefonul vechi? Îl transformi într-o cameră de supraveghere video!

Tehnologia ne uimeste de la o zi la alta, oferind dispozitive din ce in ce mai complexe si mai interesante, care ne atrag ca un magnet. Este normal, asadar, ca odata la cateva luni sa renuntam la vechile dispozitive mobile pentru a achizitiona unele noi si performante. De cele mai multe ori, telefoanele, tabletele si laptopurile care sunt inlocuite ajung sa ocupe loc intr-un sertar, fara a se face cu nimic utile. De vandut, sunt greu de vandut iar o alta utilitate este destul de greu de gasit.

Din fericire, exista oameni cu imaginatie bogata, care le-au gasit o utilitate: aceea de camera de supraveghere video.

Wrote - Orange Surveillence, https://flic.kr/p/ahiaRiWrote - Orange Surveillence, https://flic.kr/p/ahiaRi
Wrote – Orange Surveillence, https://flic.kr/p/ahiaRi


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Am citit azi un articol despre o aplicație pentru telefonie mobilă, și impactul ei în viața taximetriștilor din Paris: Uber versus taxi. De ce Parisul a luat foc azi | Kapra blog. Citiți, veți afla printre altele de ce Parisul a răbufnit în isterie când ceva ce s-a lansat pe nesimțite, pe ocolite, invizibil, a acaparat o piață cu vechime și tradiție.

Derrick Bostrom - 1975: And the Changes To Come, https://flic.kr/p/4h6KRFDerrick Bostrom - 1975: And the Changes To Come, https://flic.kr/p/4h6KRF
Derrick Bostrom – 1975: And the Changes To Come, https://flic.kr/p/4h6KRF

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How to search for exact Skype ID, not Skype name?

Let’s say you want to search for someone on Skype, and that person gives you his/her Skype ID. You search for it. The trouble is, if that person has a name which is common, you will get lots of results. How do you know, when having the exact ID of a person, which of the names in the list are the ones you are looking for?

I found the solution online.

Malthe Sigurdsson - What is Skype?, https://flic.kr/p/c4XjBMalthe Sigurdsson - What is Skype?, https://flic.kr/p/c4XjB
Malthe Sigurdsson – What is Skype?, https://flic.kr/p/c4XjB

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Prezentare Olivian Breda: “Ce am învățat din 10 audituri SEO pentru site-uri de publishing?” (2015.05.27, Lumea SEO PPC, Impact Hub Bucharest)

Miercuri, 27 mai 2015, a avut loc la Impact Hub Bucharest, ediția cu numărul 120 Lumea SEO PPC. Detalii întâlnire ».

Eu am susținut prezentarea “Ce am învățat din 10 audituri SEO pentru site-uri de publishing?”


Mai jos, prezentarea mea, PowerPoint și video, și link către imagini eveniment.

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Review: “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015) – go & watch it, you will (likely) not regret it!

A few days ago, I’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).


My conclusion?

The biggest complaint I have with the movie is not about action, actors, script, or anything else. It’s about having a soul. Just like most movies by Christopher Nolan, this movie, also, has no soul. The main hero has some internal fights with his past. They are ignored, or just mentioned (he says he needs redemption, but that’s it). There’s little to no romance between characters. The good guy wants to live, but, despite his actions (he fights a lot), he doesn’t let this be seen too much. When he sees some almost naked ladies with water on them, and then he shares a cab with them he has little to no reaction to them. Incredibly hot girls, long ride, nothing happens (being mad is no excuse). Even the lack of suspense (I talk about it in the current article) is an emotion which is lacking. There’s not lust for anything, for living, for pleasures, for ethics, for a goal, for nothing. “Look, I’m powerful, he seems to be saying, and I lived to see another day”. At the beginning of the movie, he eats a reptile. But he’s not fighting too much, he doesn’t care so much, he doesn’t have a lust for living. Not too sexy, in my opinion. The main character also has the big fault of not having any faults, he doesn’t seem vulnerable and human. Also, to decide that the good guy is good and the bad guy is bad, you need more than a mask, you need to see it through their actions. This doesn’t really happen. Other than that, just like in movies by Christopher Nolan, George Miller does a great job. Entertaining, nice script, good actors, good everything. One year passes, and all you remember is the action and graphics, but not too much the emotions you’ve had. Compare this with Quentin Tarantino, which gives you all the things above, and, still, manages to add lots of emotion to everything. And, also, he has suspense. As a conclusion, it’s still a good movie to watch, smart, good reviews and average grade on IMDb and so on.

Below, my feed-back (spoiler alert!, read my review after you see the movie).

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