How I felt at the recital with violinist Alexandru TOMESCU and pianist Horia MIHAIL, 2009.10.09, National Museum of Art of Romania?

In the evening of October 9th (at 7:30 PM), in Auditorium Room of the National Museum of Art of Romania, the violinist Alexandru TOMESCU (with his Stradivarius ELDER-VOICU violin) together with the pianist Horia MIHAIL.

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Why it's a good deal for you to take part to Training '09?

On 7th and 8th October 2009, Business Edu organizes a conference called Training ’09. Why is it hot?

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Carmen CUCUL – the business professional whose corporate social responsibility actions impressed me the most

This message focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions done by Carmen CUCUL and their impact into my life. See details below.

Note: Due to very large tables in this message, I strongly suggest you an alternative web page to read this blog post. Much easier to read this way!

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Interview with the Romstudyabroad Yahoo! Groups moderators team – the most impressive work I’ve ever seen for an Yahoo! group

In this message I interviewed three persons whose activity I admire a lot – the Romstudyabroad Yahoo! group moderators team.

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Interviu cu echipa moderatorilor grupului Yahoo! Romstudyabroad, echipa ale carei eforturi m-au impresionat foarte mult

Buna, in acest mesaj am realizat un interviu cu trei persoane a caror activitate pe grupuri o admir foarte mult – echipa moderatorilor grupului Yahoo! Romstudyabroad.

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Review complex – site-ul în lucruri perfecte, lucruri care se pot perfecţiona, analiză SEO şi generare de idei

Bună după-amiaza, în mesajul de faţă analizez, bucată cu bucată, site-ul

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Bună, în acest review fac un site review, apoi vin cu nişte idei de dezvoltare, ca la sfârşit să fac o analiză SEO (optimizare pentru motoarele de căutare) pentru site-ul

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Despre “Essentials of Understanding Psychology” de Robert S. Feldman – a doua carte favorită a mea

Vreau sa discut in acest mesaj despre lucrarea “Essentials of Understanding Psychology”, scrisa de profesorul Robert S. FELDMAN (e disponibila pe Amazon).

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About Coaching for performance, training with Catalin ZAHARIA, 2009.07.08

On 2009.07.08 I took part at a training with Catalin ZAHARIA from MindMaster, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Studies, Bucharest. The event was organized by HR Club.

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Funny campaign: Tymbark dismisses the preservatives – Pictures (2009.06.30)

Tuesday, on 2009.06.30, I was walking in University Square, in my way to Orange Concept Store. Somewhere in front of the National Theater in Bucharest, very close to the crossroad, there was a group of very happy people. I couldn’t resist not saving the moment.

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