Ghid complet pentru realizare site

Pe parcursul ultimilor ani, am publicat 17 review-uri complexe de site-uri (pe și pe și 85 de review-uri simple (pe și pe; am făcut, desigur, și review-uri private, pentru clienții mei; am parcurs recent, fugitiv, toate review-urile complexe pe care le-am realizat și am încercat să văd care ar fi o listă de sfaturi pe care le pot da în urma experienței; ce-a ieșit, vedeți mai jos: o listă de sfaturi, grupate pe categorii, despre cum să realizezi un site; dacă eu personal ar fi să recomand cuiva să își facă un site de la zero, i-aș recomanda mai întâi să se uite pe lista de mai jos; e experiența mea în online pusă în cuvinte;

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How to watch movie trailers?

Hmmm, now that’s a dilemma – how to watch a movie trailer? My solution – don’t. On the positive side, what you’ll get is, at most: – Understanding the subject of the movie; – Seeing some special effects; – Getting an idea on what the most intense emotions in the movie are (if there’s laughter, you’ll probably be amused by the trailer; if it’s action, you’ll see some action). On the other hand, on the negative side, what you’ll lose is actually the very first thing you win: – Understanding the subject of the movie. I don’t want to know what the movie is about. Let me be surprised. Let me discover the movie. Sorry, no movie trailers fan in here. Coming back to the question in the title: „How to watch movie trailers?” Well, don’t. At all.

Why can’t one make judgments on a person / situation / thing with full accuracy?

You may hear things like this often:
– She is good; he is bad; they are awesome;
– Literature is great; literature means nothing; literature is so and so;
– It’s great that this wood exists; it would be better if roads had no bumps.
In this blog post I’ll try to explain why these, while not necessarily wrong, are also not necessarily right.

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Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius – the Orthodox church I love the most

I’m an Orthodox Christian. I go to many churches, I don’t have the habit of going to one church only. Even in Năvodari, where are now three churches, I go to all three of them, although I do favor some. Well, this blog post is about the church I love the most – Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

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Why do I like the Bucharest metro?

I like the Bucharest metro because: It’s one of the few places in Bucharest where I can exchange money; Somehow it manages to be clean (again, one of the few places where this happens); It’s safe – there are two guards in the modern train garnishes; It’s fast – for a direct route is probably the fastest way of traveling in Bucharest (yes, by car at night it may be faster, or via air, but other than that it’s not even close; on the other hand, if it’s not a direct route, it may take longer, and the station have a rather large distance from one to another); It’s reliable – very rarely do I hear (never happened to me) that the train stops for a longer time due to some technical problems.

Simple trick: how to browse through 100 photos in Facebook fast?

Today I want to share with you a simple Facebook trick – how to load 100 photos in Facebook fast? Let’s say you want to view an album with 100 photos. One option is going to the first photo, and then either clicking on Next or holding down the „right arrow” key. The problem with this solution is that each time you go to the next image, Facebook first tries to load the image, and it takes some time. There’s another solution, which I recommend. Go to the first photo, and keep the right arrow on the keyboard pressed. The images will flip very fast. In a few seconds, you’ll be back to the first photo. Now something little of a miracle happened – all the photos are in the browser’s memory and you can browse through the 100 photos much fast.