On “I Am Legend” (2007)

I’ve seen “I Am Legend” (2007). Some thoughts on it?

  • I generally don’t watch horror movies. This one is labeled on IMDb as “Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi”. It’s not horror, for sure, but it’s also not far from it.
  • Will Smith played OK.
  • Some of the CGI effects lacked the techniques you see in today’s movies.
  • I liked how the dog interacted with humans, that was nice.
  • The movie was scary at times.
  • The script was nice, but not extraordinary.
  • On another hand, the sequence of the actions was more than OK, I enjoyed the way one found out information.
  • I was kept engaged by the action.
  • At times, you needed to understand things in the movie. Although with lots of action, for some things you needed to pay attention and read the fine lines. Good stuff!
  • The main idea of the movie was very fine.
  • I give the movie an 8/10, and, due to the dark emotions, I don’t generally recommend others seeing it.

I Am Legend (2007)

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