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In this blog post I’ll share my views on web site.

What I like about the web site?

1. The Gmail-like interface in lite module;
2. Everything just works; this may sound as a typical thing, but I don’t think this is really true; I’ve seen countless times things that just don’t work the way it should be; this web site does his job;
3. I like the format of the links: blue text, underlined, on a white background; that’s just great!
4. I love the keyboard short-cuts;
5. I love the integration with Google Calendar;

What I’d improve?

1. I can’t properly use the Back button on my browser; Gmail uses AJAX, yet this problem is not there;
2. Unlike Gmail, in the software I can’t delete a task, even if it was just an example created by you;
3. Let’s say I add a task; in Gmail, I would always have the option of creating a label or folder, even in the “Add new task” mode; here I can’t seem to be able to add a new folder or label, while adding a new task;
4. Look at this list:
You can sort this list in Linux way:
Or you cans sort it it Windows way:
As you see, Linux doesn’t know that 10 > 9; in Linux 1, 10, 2, 3, is a perfectly fine order; if I were you; I’d adopt Windows-style sorting;
To check the both systems, make folders from 1 to 10 and sort them by name in both Windows and Linux and see what I mean;
Note: I have nothing against no operating system; not in this blog post;
5. I would love to have an undo option after each operation I do;
6. To me, the affiliate link is to obviously intrusive;
7. When I want to go home, I tend to click on the logo; here, it doesn’t work;
8. Opera browser has this great feature: let’s say they want to make a shortcut for something in a menu; but the menu for bookmarks is changeable; and they do this lovely thing: even if I have in the menu a set of bookmarks, they assign a keyboard shortcut for each menu entry; you can copy this by assigning keyboard shortcuts even for elements that continuously change;
9. In lite view, in FireFox, if I have a lot of tasks displayed, it ruins the view; the bottom row of buttons (complete, archive, edit, move) doesn’t seem to be displayed nicely;
10. Let’s say I’m in lite view mode for a specific list; when I switch to full-view, I’d prefer to have that specific list view again; this doesn’t happen;

Bottom line: I like the experience of web site a lot. There are some things to be improved, but it’s a pretty nice web site. If you’d like to try the solution, by following this link you get 3% off.

I am a Digital Marketing freelancer. My expertise is in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / UX (user experience) / WordPress. Co-founder of (series of events on SEO & PPC) and (Book on branding for MDs). On a personal level, I like self-development - events, sports, healthy living, volunteering, reading, watching movies, listening to music.


  • bogdan

    23 January 2011 - 21:51

    i can’t get my god tham coupon ….:(((

    ps: five+six? .. do i have 2 be a math genius to post a comment now?

  • Olivian BREDA

    23 January 2011 - 22:52

    Thanks for the comment.

    Sorry, the site doesn’t load now, no idea why.

    Sorry for the SPAM filter, I just had too much SPAM and no decent anti-spam filters work on my hosting solution.

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