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MeasureCamp will return with a virtual edition on July 11, 2020!

MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, for the analytics community who make MeasureCamp what it is. Due to the ever-increasing demand and limited supply of tickets, we limit the number of tickets to 3 per company.

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MeasureCamp will return with a virtual edition on July 11, 2020! Organisers from MeasureCamps from all over Europe have created the MeasureCamp experience in the virtual world.

We will use the Remo platform for our virtual meeting. MeasureCamp will have the same mix of presentations, discussions, and random chats with old friends and strangers as you would find at any MeasureCamp. Due to the limitations of the platform, Virtual MeasureCamp will aim for 150 attendees.

Virtual MeasureCamp will open at 9am CEST. The first session will start at 11am CEST and the last sessions due to end at 5pm. Just like any other MeasureCamp, there will be eight 30-minute sessions, with 6 rooms, and up to 48 sessions during the course of the day.This is MeasureCamp, after all, and there certainly will be an afterparty!

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