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Against „live” video broadcasts of events

From time to time, I see live broadcasts of events in Romania. I’m generally against this.


  • The most important criteria is the fact that the speed of the Internet has not grew as well as the quality of filming; most cameras, including those on smartphones, have a resolution of Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels); it’s much better to film at an event at a good quality and upload the movie in the next day(s) at the top quality, than having the advantage of seeing the event „live”;
  • Then there’s the problem of live comments; I’ve seen a few times people joining the live video transmission and adding questions to the persons on stage; but the person shooting was too busy with the event to be able to watch those comments and send the questions to the speaker;
  • If you only do filming as a professional, you might find solutions to overcome the issues presented, but for the majority of people, I’d suggest, as long as the Internet speed for live broadcasts can’t hold good quality Full HD movies, to upload the movies the next day(s).
Photographer – Eye of the Camera,

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